A Website is No Longer Enough

Insight on your internet presence from Podiatry Content Connection

Few prospective patients find you by going directly to your website. In fact, it’s possible that some haven’t even heard about you at all.

Just like people searching for the “best new camera,” patients do their research first. They google their podiatric problem, looking for someone who can treat it that is both local and has a good reputation. Amid their research, they read about your competition and compare information. You have no control over where their research will take them, or to how many places and in what order.

At any point in a patient’s search, they can either read something that they don’t like and drop you as a viable candidate, or, having learned all that they need, act to make an appointment. It can be a quick process, and your success depends on helping patients choose you over your competition at every step.

Here’s how you can remain at the top of their lists, and turn prospective patients into loyal ones:

  • Be everywhere potential patients are likely to search
  • Provide consistent, complete, and accurate information about your practice
  • Correct inaccurate information published by others about you and your practice- this is referred to as directory optimization
  • Offer up quality content and patient reviews
  • Link to more content - each piece of information connects to and reinforces the others
  • Make it an easy decision for them to contact you now

A comprehensive web presence can be the difference between you and your competition, which makes it vital to your success as a practice.

Podiatry Content Connection (https:PodiatryCC.com), 2021 KSUCPM Corporate Partner of the Year, works exclusively with podiatrists. Their proven online marketing strategy includes educational content, reputation management, search engine and directory optimization, a mobile-responsive website, social media and Google Ad campaigns. For more information, call or text 917-572-5088, or email RandyRosler@PodiatryCC.com

POSTED: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 01:15 PM
Updated: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 01:15 PM