Official Campus Visit & Interview

A complete and holistic evaluation of the application, academic history, MCAT score, letters of recommendation and/or other supplemental material will be conducted by the Admissions Committee to determine applicants who are eligible for an interview on campus. Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine requires a personal interview with all candidates who are being seriously considered for admission. The interview is by invitation only. Competitive candidates typically receive an invitation to interview within one to two weeks of submitting an application. Candidates will be notified of the invitation via e-mail.

The Official Campus Visit will include a tour of campus, an open file interview with one to two faculty members and member of Enrollment Management division, and opportunities to meet with current students. A full schedule, as well as travel information, is provided to candidates who are invited to interview.

Candidates invited to interview will also have the opportunity to interview with the program virtually. More information about this process is provided at the point of invitation.

Following the interview on campus, candidates are usually informed of the admission decision within one week. Candidates are informed of the admission decision via e-mail. Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine admits individuals who not only have the potential to succeed and excel academically in our program, but also possess personal characteristics that align with our mission and values.