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Stephanie J. Belovich, Ph.D.

Stephanie J. Belovich, Ph.D.

Stephanie Belovich

Dr. Belovich is an Associate Professor in the Division of Pre-Clinical Sciences at the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine (KSUCPM). Dr. Belovich completed her undergraduate education at Cleveland State University, moving on to earn a masters and a Ph.D at Kent State University. Prior to her affiliation with the former Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (OCPM) and Kent State University, Dr. Belovich held appoints with Case Western Reserve University, Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Department of Archaeology, Hiram College, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

Joining OCPM in 1989, Dr. Stephanie Belovich began her career in podiatric medical education as a part-time lecturer and instructor. She received a full time appointment in 1997 as an Instructor in Gross and Lower Anatomy in Basic Sciences. In 1999 she was made an Assistant Professor followed by her 2001 appointment as Chair of the Basic Sciences Department. Dr. Belovich was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 2011. Dr. Belovich oversees the daily operation and budget of the Basic Sciences Division, as well as coordinating and lecturing in the Human Anatomy and Lower Extremity Anatomy courses.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Belovich directs a group of fulltime, part-time, and adjunct faculty members, as well as supervising the Lab Manager and a graduate teaching assistant. Oversight of the operation of the KSUCPM Anatomy and combined Microbiology-Histology laboratories is also a primary duty for Dr. Belovich. These state-of-the-art facilities offer Kent State University podiatry students exceptional access and firsthand experience in cadaver dissection, histological evaluation, and assessment of microorganisms. Serving on various internal (KSUCPM), external (University), and national (Council on Podiatric Medical Education) committees, Dr. Belovich maintains a full calendar working to support podiatric medical education at Kent State University.

Job Title

Associate Professor, CPM

Job Department

Pre-clinical Sciences