What's New With You?

CPM is eager to hear what you've been up to! The Office of Communications & Marketing invites you to reach out with information regarding your recent research, achievements and recognitions. While it cannot guarantee coverage of every story, it will assess the applicability and relevance to distribute news releases through the appropriate communication vehicle(s).

News can be shared with the University, and with the greater podiatric medical community in various outlets, with the style of information generally dictating which communication vehicle is best. Please familiarize yourself with the available communication vehicles and processes in place prior to submitting your request. 

  • The Communication Request Form is for CPM news stories only, and should not be completed for recruitment or sales purposes. Please direct advertisements to our Great Exchange & Classifieds.
  • Submission does not guarantee placement. The CPM Office of Communications & Marketing will be in contact within 1-2 weeks regarding the approval status of your news story.
  • Stories must be submitted in the form and layout that you wish for it to be published.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for news release following the submission of your communication request form.
  • Time sensitive stories with a release required inside of 2 weeks post-submission cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Madalynne Stanic Fitzgerald at mstanic2@kent.edu for availability.

Communication Request Form