Catherine's Testimonial

I am a senior special education major who has had the privilege of working with the Career and Community Studies program for the past three semesters. As a special education major, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting hands- on experience working with a diverse population. The amount of growth I see in CCS students has been astounding.   Watching students with intellectual and developmental disabilities learning alongside other KSU students has reinforced my belief that all students can learn diverse content when provided with meaningful opportunities.   In working with the program, I can see the end goals for students with exceptionalities and the importance of teaching self-determination and independence. This is something that I will carry and infuse in my own students’ education when I am a practicing professional.

However, perhaps more importantly, I see pride in the CCS students when they tell others that they are a college student at Kent State.  In those moments, it is another reason why I am proud to be part of Kent State.  This is what a college experience is meant to be. Simply put, an inclusive environment driven by growth and achievement of all individuals who want to learn together on this campus.  I am proud of Kent State for having the forward thinking vision to help change the way that we look at education and I cannot wait to see the program grow and spread across more institutions. 

~ Catherine