Online Programs


The College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS) at Kent State University offers several graduate degrees, concentrations, and certificates 100% online. With the working professional in mind, our college is dedicated to providing quality education on an online platform. Request info.

Cultural Foundations (M.Ed.)

The Online Master of Education degree in Cultural Foundations explores education through a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives: philosophy of education, history of education, sociology of education, comparative/international education, anthropology of education, gender studies, multicultural studies, and religious studies.

Curriculum and Instruction (M.ED)

The Online Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction provides a wide range of graduate study opportunities in the progressive, research-based curricula and teaching practices. The program prepares educators for continuing professional development, education in a multicultural society, and leadership for curriculum reform and renewal.

Educational Technology (M.ED.)

The Online Master of Education degree in Educational Technology prepares students to design, develop and use a variety of technologies in school classrooms, in training facilities, or in other educational settings. The program's Online and Blended Learning Certificate and the Computer Technology Endorsement are also offered online.

Educational Psychology (M.ED.)

The Online Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology provides advanced study for students interested in the application of psychological principles to learning and instruction. It encompasses a variety of disciplines, including cognitive psychology, human development, and learning theory.

Hospitality and Tourism Management (M.S.)

The Online Master of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management provides an integrated hospitality and tourism graduate education, with an emphasis on regional, national, and global implications of the field. Students will develop critical analysis skills, research abilities, and understand advanced hospitality and tourism issues.

Research, Measurement & Statistics (M.ED.)

The Online Master of Education degree in Research, Measurement & Statistics develops educators and specialists in the areas of assessment, measurement, research design, and program evaluation for careers in schools (pre-kindergarten to grade 12) and in higher education.

Interprofessional Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Online Doctor of Education degree in Interprofessional Studies allows for the study of leadership from an interprofessional perspective that is framed around questions of equity, ethics, and social justice to bring about solutions to complex problems of practice. The program prepares leaders who can construct and apply knowledge to make a difference for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Special Education (M.ED.)

The Online Master of Education degree in Special Education provides students with an advanced understanding of contemporary research and practice issues in special education. The General Special Education concentration, the Autism Spectrum Disorder graduate certificate, and the Behavioral Intervention Specialist graduate certificate are also offered fully online.