Honors advisors work with students to personalize their educational experience in accordance with their interests and career aspirations. Honors students and advisors work collaboratively to identify the appropriate honors work for each individual student’s interests.

Your first thoughts about advising may be related to course selection and enrollment. While Honors College advisors can offer you guidance about classes to take, they do not replace your primary, major advisor for tracking your academic progress. Rather, Honors College advisors complement the role of your formal advisor by helping identify educational experiences for your undergraduate education that capitalize upon your interests, skills, and educational and professional goals.

Upon admission to the Honors College, all students are assigned an Honors advisor and are required to meet with their advisor once each semester. Honors advisors are valuable resources in terms of helping students stay on track with Honors requirements and encouraging individual academic interests.

Honors advisors provide tools for navigating honors requirements and connecting students to campus-wide resources, experiential opportunities, and programs that create a unique honors experience.

Registration for Honors Courses & Credits

Registration for Honors courses is controlled by the Honors College. Students must meet with their assigned Honors advisor in order to be registered for an Honors section of a course.

Advising Appointments - Scheduling & Check-In

All Honors students must schedule their Honors advising appointments through KSUAdvising: Schedule an Honors Advising Appointment Here

  • All face-to-face advising appointments are held in the lower level of Stopher Hall in the Honors College. Room 20 Stopher is the reception area for the Honors College. Students will check-in for advising at the reception desk (shown below.)
  • All remote advising appointments will utilize TEAMS
Honors College Reception Desk