Peer-to-Peer Support Program

The Honors College is dedicated to providing not only the best academic experience the university has to offer, but also an environment which allows students to grow, mature and become confident and independent of mind. Hand-in-hand with this is the goal of providing an environment to allow students to grow, mature and learn confident independence of mind.

The Honors College Peer-to-Peer Support Program provides ways for honors students to learn how to handle stress and anxiety, and to develop resilience - the ability to bounce back from set-backs.

This "best practices" program deploys a cohort of trained and mentored Honors undergraduate students as peer supports - students listening to students, and helping them locate the appropriate counseling services. Why "peer" to "peer"? National studies have shown that Honors College students prefer talking with their peers, rather than going to academic advisors or professors. Getting students to the right professional help source for them is the goal of the Peer-to-Peer Support Program.

Whether a student is lonely, homesick, stressed about classes or having difficultly adjusting to life on campus, the Peer-to-Peer Support Program can help! Honors College students will be paired with a fellow Honors College student and peer support who can help you connect to resources on campus. 

Ready to learn more? Visit the link below to fill out a brief questionnaire to be connected to our Peer-to-Peer Support Program staff. A member of the Peer-to-Peer Support Program will reach out to learn more and schedule a one-on-one session, based on student needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:


What training do students receive to become a peer-to-peer support mentor?

Training and mentoring! These students receive training (how to be a good listener, how to know where to direct students) and year-long mentoring from licensed counselors in the College of Education, Health & Human Services.

Are the students in this program counseling other students?

No, their role as Peer-to-Peer Support mentors is to be an accessible, listening peer that can direct students to the appropriate professional help and resources available.

Where are these support mentors deployed?

These Honors College student mentors are on the Kent campus in the Honors College Living-Learning Communities (LLC), and also, on other parts of campus to be available for commuter students.

how can students hear/access information about this program and upcoming events?

Honors College students can read about information and upcoming events in their Honors College eNews (newsletter sent out via email to Honors students during the academic year). Flyers are also posted/shared in the LLC residence halls. Remind text messages may also be sent out to the Honors community, for those students who have opted in to receive Remind text messages from the Honors College.