What’s in a Name? “Team Molly” Embodies KSU Geauga Spirit

“If I need anything, I just call out ‘Molly!’ and someone comes running,” says Dr. Angela Spalsbury, Dean and CAO of the Geauga Campus and Regional Academic Center. 

The campus is home to The Molly Five: Dr. Molly Sergi (History), Prof. Mahli Mechenbier (English), Prof. Molly Mokros (English), Dr. Zhiqiang Molly Wang (Chemistry), and Molly Smith (Institutional Advancement). 

Molly Sergi (Molly #1), who has taught at the Geauga Campus since 1997 - first as part-time and since 2001 as full-time, said “It just happened. I was there and Mahli Mechenbier (Molly #2) was hired, then came Molly Mokros (Molly #3).

When Molly Wang was interviewed the first three Mollys couldn’t believe it, but Dr. Wang was offered the position and became Molly #4.

Molly Smith (Molly #5) was hired in 2017, rounding out the group as the associate director of Advancement. “It’s the best name to have on campus,” said Smith. “I had Molly #1 as my professor when I took classes in Burton in ‘98 and ’99. Who knew I’d be joining her?!”

Molly #3 remembers when there were only two Mollys: ‘Molly-History’ (Sergi) and ‘Mahli-English’ (Mechenbier). “When I was hired in 2013, since I was also English faculty, things became more complicated, so we adopted a numbering system based on year of hire,” said Molly Mokros. “At school, I answer to M3.”

“Basically, we have a ready-to-go basketball team,” said Mechenbier (#2).

“I really enjoy working with my Molly Family at KSU Geauga,” said Molly #4. I always share pictures of the Mollys with my daughter, and I think it is important to enjoy your job and appreciate your colleagues and friends on campus.”  

The Geauga Molly Five are fortunate to share a first name as well as positions they value as part of the regional campus community. Visit the Geauga Campus and meet one or all of the Mollys!

--Mahli Mechenbier

Pictured (l to r) Molly Wang, Molly Mokros, Mahli Mechenbier, Molly Sergi and Molly Smith

POSTED: Friday, September 13, 2019 - 9:09am
UPDATED: Monday, September 16, 2019 - 4:08pm