Scholar of the Month: Christopher Banks

Scholar of the Month

Scholar of the Month
Christopher P. Banks
Associate Professor of Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences

Christopher Banks' scholarship focuses on law, justice and the courts. He is a frequent guest on local and national news programs following Supreme Court decisions. His most recent book is titled The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism. In this book, co-authored by John C. Blakeman, Banks examines the court's interpretation of states' rights over the last 25 years. Reviewers call it "indispensable" and "a thoughtful, careful, balanced analysis, blending together both legal analysis and political science … [that] deserves a wide audience."

Before receiving his doctorate in American government at the University of Virginia, Banks practiced law in civil and criminal litigation. In addition to practicing law and campaigning for state representative in Connecticut in 1988, he received a gubernatorial appointment to serve as an administrative hearing officer for the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

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