Engaging the World Beyond Our Campuses Metrics

The faculty is committed to the triad of teaching, research, and service. In all three areas faculty engage the world beyond our campuses. From engaging in service learning to teaching high school students in dual enrollment courses, to public presentations, and real-world research on societal problems, our professors will continue to address problems and questions relevant to audiences within and outside of the academy. In turn, Academic Affairs must work with others on our campuses to tell our proud stories to the larger community.

Metrics for the Implementation Plan Source Baseline 2013 Intermediate 2015 Target 2018
Increase the number of students participating in international activities, including study abroad.        
  OGE 797 1,000 1,200
Increase international student enrollment.        
  OGE 2,315 2,660 3,000
Increase the number of faculty engaged in study abroad programs.        
  OGE 36 41 45
Increase the number of campus-community partnerships and civic engagement activities.        
  OEECE 223 245 269
Increase student participation in community service of volunteer work, including alternative spring break.        
  OEECE 7,706 (34%) 8,970 (39%) 10,120 (44%)
Increase participation in internships, field experiences, clinical assignments.        
  RPIE 5,391 5,661 5,930