Securing Our Financial Future Metrics

Through different approaches, such as unit administration and disciplinary content collaborations, Kent State University has on opportunity to reduce its instructional and instructional support costs. We must identify new efficiencies that will allow the university to continue offering high-quality instruction but at a lower cost. The university must identify new sources of revenue and capitalize on them in order to balance the reduced funding from the state.

Metrics for the Implementation Plan Source Baseline 2013 Intermediate 2015 Target 2018
Increase the number of degree-granting fully online programs.        
• Undergraduate OCDE 4 6 10
• Graduate OCDE 9 13 20
Increase the number of online course offerings.        
  RPIE 535 575 650
Increase the number of combined Bachelor's/Master's degree programs.        
  CS 7 10 12
Increase the number of programs undergoing program evaluations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.        
  AAL 0 50 128