Enhancing Academic Excellence and Innovation Metrics

Enhancing academic excellence and innovation requires us to enhance alignments between academics and economic opportunities in the state, in the nation, and across the globe. We must ensure that our graduates are prepared to compete in areas with high workforce needs such as engineering, healthcare, business, public health, and technology-intensive fields.

Metrics for the Implementation Plan Source Baseline 2013 Intermediate 2015 Target 2018
Increase overall performance level on the Collegiate Learning Assessment.        
  CLA -0.7 0.5 1
Increase the percentage of new first-year students utilizing alternative pathways to degree completion by expanding dual enrollment and PSEOP enrollment.        
  RPIE 30% 31% 32%
Increase the number of first-year students who participate in a learning community.        
  NSSE 83% 86% 95%
Increase the number of multidisciplinary majors.        
• Undergraduate CS 8 10 12
• Graduate CS 8 9 10
Increase the number of AALANA hires.        
  RPIE 44 TT faculty 5% of new hires 10% of new hires
Increase the number of students who report increasing their critical and analytical thinking.        
• First Year Students NSSE 73% 79% 85%
• Second Year Students NSSE 83% 85% 87%
Increase faculty access to professional development opportunities.        
  FPDC 9 workshops 12 workshops 15 workshops