Some students also choose to complete one of our concentrations in Child Psychology, Counseling Careers, and Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy. 

Please note that students need to plan in advance to complete all of the necessary coursework for these concentrations. Don’t hesitate to meet with a member of the Psychology advising team if you have questions about completing a concentration prior to graduation.

Within the BA and the BS, students may pursue the Child Psychology concentration. This concentration is designed for students who are interested specifically in children and adolescents. Topics include child development, psychological disorders of childhood and adolescence, children's cognitive processes, personality development and child-related research experience. The concentration prepares students for graduate study and employment in a range of fields, including clinical psychology, school psychology, school counseling and employment in settings such as child development centers and related agencies.

Students who complete the BA may also pursue the Counseling Careers concentration. This concentration is designed to prepare students for employment in a range of fields and for master's-level study in all fields of counseling. Topics include human adjustment, stress and coping, human development, personality, psychological disorders, treatment and intervention techniques, psychometrics, psychopharmacology and clinical or counseling-related research experience.

Finally, students who complete the BS may also pursue the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy concentration. This concentration prepares students for graduate study in medicine or osteopathic medicine. The concentration is designed to cover the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy requirements so that students are prepared to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and have the required prerequisites necessary for applying to medical school.