Psychology Major: BA and BS

Kent State University offers two majors: BA in Psychology and BS in Psychology

Information regarding the course requirements can be found at the linked pages. 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

The BA path allows students more flexibility and many options post-graduation. Students can easily pick up a minor or double-major if they want to. Coursework for the BA allows for more room for customization to a student’s interests.

B.A. in Psychology 


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

The BS path is designed for students interested in careers in research or medicine. There is more required coursework covering advanced math and natural sciences. 

B.S. in Psychology 


Who is the BA path recommended for?
The BA degree is recommended for most students interested in majoring in psychology. It is suitable for most career paths in psychology with the exception of psychiatry as well as for those interested in pursuing careers outside of psychology such as human resources, hospitality, law, etc.

Who is the BS path recommended for?
The BS degree is designed for students interested in careers in research or medicine. This does not mean you have to get a BS in psychology to go into research, a BA is perfectly suitable to that path as well. However, in the case of medicine, the BS path is designed to meet the requirements to apply to medical school and prepare for the MCAT whereas the BA is not. The BS degree is also suitable for students who are passionate about topics like mathematics (more math classes are required for the BS), biology, chemistry, and the more neuroscience-oriented side of psychology (courses in biology, chemistry, and anthropology can fulfill certain major requirements). 

If I want to get a Ph.D. in psychology do I need a BS?
No, a BA will still prepare students for graduate school though it is recommended that they take more research-oriented electives beyond the requirements of the degree such as Quantitative Methods in Psychology II, Advanced Research Methods, as well as getting involved in for-credit research assistantships. Students interested in graduate school are encouraged to meet with academic and/or faculty advisors to discuss how best to prepare.

Do I need a BS to become a therapist or clinical/counseling psychologist?
Definitely not. The BS program is designed for students with a specific interest in research or medicine. It’s right for students who want to apply to medical school or who are passionate about math and sciences. Students can become a therapist, clinical/counseling psychologist, or psychological researcher with either the BA or the BS degree however most students do the BA option.

I want to go to med school and become a psychiatrist, which degree should I get?
A BS degree with the pre-medicine/pre-podiatry concentration is recommended for students interested in medical school. The degree requirements meet those necessary for preparing for the MCAT and applying to medical school. Students considering a medical career are highly encouraged to meet with either the department’s pre-med advisor, Dr. Jill Folk ( or pre-health programs advisor, Erin Lawson (

How can I learn more about concentration options?
Click here to see our concentration page. The Department offers three specific concentrations: child psychology, counseling careers, and pre-medicine/pre-podiatry. The child psychology concentration is available to both BA and BS students, the counseling careers concentration is available to BA students, and pre-medicine/pre-podiatry is available for BS students. Both degrees also have a general concentration option which allows for more flexibility and the option to tailor ones’ studies to their individual interests.