Checklist for Submitting Complete Bid Information

Printable Version of the Contractors' Checklist for Submitting Complete Bid Information

  • Verify your bid pricing accounts for all Prevailing Wage Rates applicable to the project for the County where the Kent State campus project is located.
  • Ensure your bid pricing includes a minimum nine percent (9%) participation with an EDGE-Certified Business for the total contract value, including the Base Bid and All Alternates.
  • Verify your bid pricing accounts for administrative requirements of the OAKS-CI project management system which is utilized for Kent State University construction projects.
  • Verify that the numerical value exactly matches the dollar amount that is spelled out on each line. In the event of discrepancies, the dollar value which is spelled out is legally considered the valid price.
  • For Alternates, circle either “ADD TO” or “DEDUCT FROM” the Base Bid.
  • Submit ALL PAGES of the Bid Form, including:
  1.     The completed “Bidder Affirmation and Disclosure”;
  2.     The completed “Commitment to Participate in the EDGE Business Assistance Program”; and
  3.     “ Bidder’s Certifications” pages.
  • Verify that you have made no changes to the Bid Form. Contact Kent State University Office of the University Architect (OUA) immediately if a project's Bid Form does not seem to be correct. The State of Ohio requires OUA to deem that the submitter of an altered or incomplete Bid Form as a nonresponsive bidder, and the altered bid must be rejected.
  • Verify that your company has no pending or active legal actions with the State. By submitting a bid, the bidder warrants that it is not now, and will not become subject to an unresolved finding for recovery under 9.24, Ohio Revised Code, prior to the award of any contract arising out of a project.
  • Sign your bid. The Bid Form must be signed by an Authorized Agent of the bidder's company.
  • Submit a valid Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond and the Surety’s Power of Attorney with your bid.

Use the Kent State University-issued BID SECURITY form provided with the Project Specifications.

  1.     Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond (original, signed and sealed); and
  2.     Surety’s Power of Attorney and their Ohio Department of Insurance Compliance Certificate.

(A certified check in the amount of 10% of your total bid is also acceptable; however, if Apparent Low Bidder, your company must secure a Performance/Payment Bond with Power of Attorney prior to Contract Award).

  • Clearly identify your bid on the outside of the sealed bid envelope.
  1.     State that the envelope contains a bid, i.e.: “Bid Enclosed”.
  2.     Identify the project by the specific project name and project number indicated on the Bid Documents.

Within three (3) days after notification that a company is the Apparent Low Bidder for a contract, the following MUST be submitted, if it was not provided at the time of the bid opening:

  • Completed Bidder’s Qualification Form. Provide all supporting documentation and verify all compliance certificates are current (per General Conditions, Section 6.1: Conditions Precedent for Execution of Contract);
  • Annual financial statement; and
  • Completed EDGE Affidavit with minimum nine percent (9%) EDGE Participation to document compliance with the "Encouraging Diversity Growth and Equity" (EDGE) participation requirements.

For details, please refer to the Conditions Precedent for Execution of Contract for compliance documents that are due within ten (10) days upon notice to the Successful Bidder. At the time of submittal, each document must be valid, current, and properly executed. Please be advised that noncompliance with the conditions precedent for Contract execution within the stated time period shall be cause for Kent State University to cancel the Notice of Intent to Award and award the Contract to the next lowest responsive and responsible bidder or resubmit the Contract for bidding, at the discretion of the Director of the Office of the University Architect.

Questions about Bidding Procedures should be directed to Kent State University Office of the University Architect at: 330-672-3880.