Lost and Found


Building Curators should coordinate with departments within their respective building to establish the Lost and Found area(s) in their building. Building Curators should inform occupants of their respective building where a "found" item can be taken to be stored and where the owner of a lost item could inquire if it was turned in to the designated Lost and Found area.

The Department of Public Safety Police Services recommends the following procedures:

• Every effort should be made to find the rightful owner to any item turned into the Lost and Found collection area;

• Money found in any amount should be turned over to the Department of Public Safety Police Services;

• Anything used for identity theft, such as a credit card, driver’s license, ID card, cell phone, etc., should be taken to Police Services;

• After a year has passed and the owner has not been found, an item (valued at $30.00 or less) can be discarded;

• If, after a year has passed and the owner has not been found, a large item of value, can be donated to a charity; however, ask for a receipt to keep as proof of where and when the item was donated.