Elevator and Escalator Services

PHONE: 330-672-2345

Elevator and escalator malfunctions must be reported to University Facilities Management at the above-listed telephone number at any time.
Any questions regarding the following procedures should be directed to University Facilities Management at 330-672-2345:

Whenever smoke or fire is detected in or near an elevator, immediately call 9-1-1!

When reporting an elevator problem, it is essential that as much information as possible is given to save time in locating the problem:

• Name of person making the call. Anonymous phone calls will not be acted upon.

• Name of the building where the elevator is located.

• Location of the car. Provide floor number or floor numbers the car is in between.

• If there is more than one car, which one is not operating?

• Provide any other pertinent information.

The person receiving the call will notify University Facilities Management’s maintenance personnel to check the elevator for malfunctions or vandalism. If the maintenance staff cannot correct the elevator problem, the elevator service contractor will be notified of the malfunction.

When people are trapped in an elevator:

• Determine on which floor the car is stuck, or in between which floors the car is located.

Call 330-672-2345 to relay need for assistance.

If the car is within two (2) feet of the floor, and in all cases not more than three (3) feet, a rescue may be attempted only by the University Police Services, maintenance personnel from either University Facilities Management or Residence Services, Residential Security Aide supervisors, or any combination of the above.

If the car is more than three (3) feet from the floor, call 330-672-2345 for the elevator maintenance personnel to perform the rescue. Communicate with the trapped person(s) for reassurance that help is forthcoming; do not attempt to assist in evacuating the trapped victim(s). Only in absolute life-threatening emergencies would an attempt ever be made to move a car with someone in it.