Environmental Health and Safety

PHONE: 330-672-1950
WEBSITE: https://www.kent.edu/compliance/environmental-health-and-safety

Safety is a prime concern at Kent State University, and every reasonable effort will be made to continue to emphasize its importance. It is the responsibility of Kent State University and each employee to comply with applicable federal, state and local codes and regulations to ensure that the university is a safe environment in which to work.

It is the responsibility of Compliance and Risk Management’s Environmental Health and Safety office to provide health and safety services to the university through technical support, consultation, investigation, audits of facilities, and training to ensure an understanding of proper health and safety practices. Its primary functions are to assist the university in promoting health and safety awareness, meeting compliance requirements, establish health and safety responsibilities, prevent and/or reduce work related injury-causing incidents, and eliminate occupational hazards and unsafe conditions. To request services or information, please call the Environmental Health and Safety office at the above-listed number.

To initiate corrective measures, Compliance and Risk Management’s Environmental Health and Safety Office, 330-672-1950, should be notified if potential safety hazards are present. A “Safety Hazard Report” can be filed with this office to document incidents of non-occupational injuries sustained on campus: https://www.kent.edu/compliance/incidentaccidentinjury.

Contact the Office of General Counsel at 330-672-2982 for all matters implicating legal issues.

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety office at 330-672-1950 for issues concerning workplace safety. In the event of an occupational injury or illness:

• Employee needs to seek appropriate medical attention for the injury or illness;

• Employee must report the injury or illness to their immediate supervisor;

• Supervisor will provide the individual with a copy of the “Employee Report of Injury or Occupational Illness” form to document the incident. Supervisor will complete the accompanying the “Supervisor Statement” form and follow-up with any witnesses to document the events leading to the incident.

• Supervisor will retain the pink copies of these reports for departmental filing and send the white and yellow copies of these forms to the Environmental Health and Safety office;

• Within a few days, an occupational health and safety officer will contact the injured employee to update information regarding the incident;

• Requests for information concerning Bureau of Workers’ Compensation claims should be directed to Human Resources Services and Solutions at 330-672-2901.