Kent Campus Building Addresses

Kent Campus Building Addresses

In October 2008, the Office of the University Architect assigned each Kent State University Kent Campus Building a street address. The addresses were assigned so that the buildings could be found through services such as Google Maps and MapQuest. All Kent Campus buildings, even those along the Lefton Esplanade, now have a street address.

Finding Kent State University's Kent Campus was the primary goal, and students are also able to find directions and even view a satellite photo of individual campus buildings. (In the past, using mapping services to find the university posed a challenge, as the only address was a post office box. When individuals searched for the Kent Campus, they often found Regional Campuses, since those campuses have always had assigned addresses).

When addresses were assigned, the university architect's office also worked with the campus police department to ensure the change was done properly and in a way that would not interfere with emergency response units. When an emergency call comes in on campus, the exact location of the call is known, including the building name and room number. Even though buildings will now have an address, the emergency call continues to also show the building name and room number. Signs outside the campus buildings were updated to include the numbered addresses.

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