Office of the University Architect Staff Directory

Michael E. (Mike) Bruder, Executive Director, Facilities, Planning and Design
Phone: 330-672-9610
email: mbruder [at]
Radio Call No. 1008

Joseph A. (Jay) Graham, Associate Director, Architecture and Engineering
Phone: 330-672-9617
email: jagraham [at]
Radio Call No. 1009

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Ruffing, Assistant Director, Capital Design and Construction
Phone: 330-672-9627
email: eruffing [at]

Gerald (Jerry) Eveleth, Jr., Assistant Director, Engineering
Phone: 330-672-3812
email: jeveleth [at]
Radio Call No. 1007

Keith D. Bush, Project Manager I, Mechanical Engineer
Phone: 330-672-9612
email: kdbush [at]
Radio Call No. 1005

Scott Centea, Project Manager I, Mechanical Engineer
Phone: 330-672-9615
email: scentea [at]

Kelly Conrad, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 330-672-9623
email: kconrad4 [at]

Mark Damon, Project Manager I, Mechanical Engineer
Phone: 330-672-9602
email: mdamon [at]

Megan Dawson, Project Manager I, Interior Design
Phone: 330-672-9611
email: mdawso13 [at]

Kerry Gernert, Physical Facilities Planner
Phone: 330-672-9625
email: kgerner2 [at]

Linda M. Heffner, Business Manager
Phone: 330-672-9621
email: lheffner [at]

Charmaine Iwanski, Space Planning Manager
Phone: 330-672-9626
email: ciwanski [at]

Douglas (Doug) Kramer, Project Manager I
Phone: 330-672-8021
email: dkramer3 [at]

Jacqueline Mest, Contracts Manager
Prevailing Wage Coordinator and Harbourt Hall Curator
Phone: 330-672-7992
email: jmest [at]

Robert F. (Bob) Misbrener, Project Manager II
Phone: 330-672-9653
email: rmisbren [at]

Mary Martha (Marty) Mundy, Physical Facilities Planner
Phone: 330-672-9618
email: mmundy2 [at]

Brian Pickering, Project Manager II, Landscape Architect
Phone: 330-672-9624
email: bpickeri [at]

Cynthia (Cindy) Pizzuto, OUA Accounting Assistant
Phone: 330-672-9619
email: cpizzut1 [at]

Carmine Ricchetti, Electrical Engineer II
Phone: 330-672-2261
email: cricchet [at]
Radio Call No. 1006

Matthew (Matt) Rogers, Architecture Database Coordinator
Phone: 330-672-4084
email: mrogers1 [at]

Paul Tucker, Project Manager I, Electrical Engineer
Phone: 330-672-9614
email: ptucker4 [at]

Michael (Mike) Wasowski, Project Manager II
Phone: 330-672-9600
email: mwasowsk [at]