Liquid Crystals Materials Sciences Building Art

Title: “Engagement With Color”
Artist: Mikyoung Kim
Medium: Aluminum illuminated with fiber optics
Completion Date: November 30, 2002

Liquid Crystal Materials Science Building

1425 University Esplanade (Science Mall)
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001
Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute
and Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program

“Engagement With Color,” by Mikyoung Kim is located to the west of the Liquid Crystal Materials Science Building. The sculpture shows the vibrant conditions found in the cross-polarized images of liquid crystals by the use of various colors of fiber optic light within the structure. The sculpture and its environment of color are places for direct engagement and contemplation.

About this Artist: Born in Seoul, Korea, Mikyoung Kim lives and works in New York. Kim earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Seoul National University and Master of Fine Arts Degree at Pratt Institute. Kim’s artwork has been displayed in numerous venues, from selected one-woman exhibitions, to selected group shows.

Kim states, “It is my hope to engage the viewer into associative and contemplative states and ultimately to experience a sense of the temporal core of nature”.