OAKS CI Instructions for Construction Contractors

The Construction Contracts Business Process includes the preparation, issuance and execution of the legal and binding agreement between the State of Ohio, Kent State University and the Contractor for the performance of required acts and/or services for certain monetary consideration within a defined period of time, or until amended or terminated.

The Subcontractor Supplier Declaration Business Process  provides for the submittal, review, and approval of Prime Contractor's Subcontractors and Material Suppliers. This process replaces the Subcontractor and Material Supplier Declaration form for projects tracked in OAKS CI. This process also tracks important EDGE and Subcontractor information once a Subcontractor or Supplier is approved.

The Schedule of Values (SOV) Business Process is distributed to enable a timely and efficient evaluation of the Contractor's work performance throughout the Contract. Pricing information is identified in separate amounts for labor and materials following the numbers and titles of the Construction Specifications Institute's MasterFormat. The associated SOV Import Template File can be utilized to upload itemized details into this business process. Submitted and approved SOV in this business process becomes the basis for all future Contractor pay requests.

The Prevailing Wage Report Business Process requires a Contractor to file Certified Payroll Reports associated with each Pay Request application. The Prevailing Wage Report includes a weekly Certified Payroll record for all Prime and Subcontractor labor performed during the Pay Request period. Actual Certified Payroll Reports are not to be attached to this process; this process records how and when payroll reports were sent in the record. It is important to note that original certified payroll reports must only be directly submitted on paper to Kent State University.

The Contractor Pay Request Business Process enables a Contractor to submit an invoice for completed work on a periodic basis. This process is a structured procedure for timely submission, review, approval and tracking of Pay Requests which correlates to the preapproved, itemized Schedule of Values (SOV). This process defines the current amount due for Contract work completed to date with itemized labor and materials values for General Conditions, allowances and each item of work, stored materials, retainage, and approved change orders. This process defines the utilization of EDGE, Apprentices and Subcontractors during the pay period.

Additional Instructions for Construction Managers at Risk and Design-Builders