Projects Completed in 2019

Airport Automated Weather Observation System KSU-18F041
At the Kent State University Airport, accurate and current weather data is critical for pilot safety, especially during take-off and landing. An Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) that reports real-time weather data to pilots was installed at the Airport. Michael Baker International, Inc. designed this project. Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company's on-site construction was completed in late spring. This General Contracting project was funded through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and ODOT.

Ashtabula Main Hall Auditorium Renovation KSU-18S202
Ashtabula Main Hall's auditorium was outdated; therefore, limited in its functionality. The stage did not meet ADA standards, seating had surpassed its life expectancy, and the technology was outdated. The Auditorium was renovated and upgraded to meet the current and future needs of the Ashtabula Campus. The scope of work involved ADA access, all new finishes, seating for 200 and updated technology. Since it was no longer be needed, the stage was removed. Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC designed this project . Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed this spring.

Tuscarawas New Campus Entry Road KSU-16L803
Kent State University at Tuscarawas' campus encompasses 170 acres and includes four major buildings connected by east/west pedestrian walks. Five major interconnected parking lots exist, primarily south of Founders Hall and north of the campus loop road, Founders Hall Drive. A new, vehicular boulevard entrance to the Tuscarawas Campus was built from university-owned frontage along East High Avenue eastward towards Founders Hall Drive. A new intersection at East High Avenue and 21st Street, new campus entry signage, pedestrian sidewalks, roadway landscaping, lighting, stormwater protection, and a bridge crossing Beaver Dam Creek were also a part of this project. Landscaping was installed along the new access drive to provide a buffer for the adjacent residential properties to the south. Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton, Inc. (EMH&T) designed this project. Tucson, Inc.'s on-site work was completed in late spring. On May 2, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to officially open the new entranceway.