Risman Plaza Art

Title: “Limits of Spoken Language: Congeries”
Artist: Jarrett Hawkins
Medium: Corten steel
Completion Date: August 27, 2010

Risman Plaza
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

“Limits of Spoken Language: Congeries” by Jarrett Hawkins is located in the newly renovated Risman Plaza. This abstract piece is made of Corten steel. Metaphorically, this sculpture depicts a visual language of physical objects. Repetition, and varied placement of the elements, implies a dialogue of form. Precision, ambiguity and conflict all exist within the composition. Movement and change are implied within the static object. The sculpture has many vantage points, as with conversation amongst a crowd.

About this Artist: Jarrett Hawkins of Deer Park, Ohio, near Cincinnati, is a sculptor who has completed a range of work that includes abstraction, figurative and functional, custom furniture pieces. He is proficient in working with stone, metal, glass and wood, and he has worked in both public and private venues for more than 20 years.