Trumbull Science and Technology Building Art

Title: “Tetra”
Artist: David Colbert
Medium: Polished stainless steel
Completion Date: August 2011

Kent State University at Trumbull Science and Technology Building

4314 Mahoning Avenue NW 
Warren, Ohio 44483

Located south of the Trumbull Science and Technology Building, “Tetra” is a sculptural seating ensemble consisting of six groups of polished stainless steel truncated tetrahedrons, each containing one "table" and three "seats." This location allows the fundamental geometry of the sculptural forms to relate to the strong geometries found in the Science and Technology Building. These groupings are placed so that together they create one large triangle. This triangle in turn is placed on a circular bed of gravel, graded so as to create a horizontal space on the otherwise gently sloping lawn. Around the perimeter of the circle will be planted three deciduous trees. Over time these trees will provide shade for the ensemble, a link to nature and a further reinforcement of place.

The art in “Tetra” seeks to be timeless. After the sphere, the tetrahedron is the simplest geometric form. The staggered high/low rhythms of the tetrahedral tables and seats will create many arrays of patterns and textures as the viewer moves past. Polished stainless steel is a sensitive reflector of light. Over the course of an hour, a day or the year, varying light will itself transform the ensemble into an ever-changing display.

About this Artist: David Colbert lives Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut . After studying in Edinburgh University in Scotland, Colbert earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architectural Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont. Colbert’s artwork has been displayed in numerous venues, from selected one-man exhibitions, to selected group shows. Colbert states, “I want this Art to be not only enjoyed by the Public, but also used by the Public. I want it to make a Place that draws people in, becoming a Place where people want to be, where their spirit can relax and expand. To be able to contribute towards bringing that into being would be an honor and a privilege.”