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When can I register for CBA®?

We have worked to keep registration as flexible as possible, especially for those working professionals. There will be a one-week registration/enrollment period each month. Refer to the schedule under the Guidelines tab.

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What is the CBA® registration fee?

The registration fees have been designed so that you have the option of taking one or two courses to heighten your knowledge in a topic(s) of special interest or one that needs development or you may take all three (3) courses to become fully certified. To see the schedule of registration fees, visit www.kent.edu/cba, then click the Registration Info tab.

Do I receive a certificate for CBA® certification?

Those who successfully pass individual courses will receive a Course Certificate of Completion. Upon successful completion of all three (3) courses, CBA® graduates will be issued a certificate under the banner of Kent State University College of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate. This certificate will be signed by the Dean of the college, authenticating and verifying successful completion of CBA®.

Does the CBA® certification expire?

To ensure CBA graduates are up-to-date on the latest industry trends, lending opportunities, and relevant regulations impacting small business, CBA® graduates are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education per year.

Exception: SBDC Directors will determine the number of annual continuing education hours.

Who developed the CBA®?

CBA® was developed by and for Small Business Development Center (SBDC) advisors. For over 20 years, the Certified Business Advisor® program has been used by 20 state SBDCs to improve their networks’ professional knowledge, competence, skill and effectiveness in helping thousands of small businesses start, grow and thrive.

How is the curriculum structured?

The CBA program offers a concise, yet comprehensive up-to-date curriculum designed for maximum on-the-job performance. The instructors, who are required to have business experience in addition to graduate level teaching experience, emphasize application as well as theory.

Courses are segmented by discipline, i.e., distinct areas of study, which were produced specifically for small business and entrepreneurship development including Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Accounting/Finance. For more information on learning objectives and specific sessions, please visit the Courses tab.

What is the registration cancellation policy?

If you need to withdraw from the program, refunds must be requested in writing to the Office of Continuing and Distance Education. No cancellations and refunds will be accepted after the program begins.

Contact the Office of Continuing Education

How are CBA® Learning Courses Graded?

  • Each session of each course will be "graded" through a written assignment or exam (essay or multiple choice). Each course has about eight sessions
  • To pass the course, you will be required to have an overall average minimum grade of 80% and no session grade below 70% which is the usual level for a graduate course
  • If you receive a grade of less than 70%, a retake exam is necessary and must be taken before you are allowed to take the next exam or continue to the next course. This makes it easier for you to learn, understand and retain the concepts being taught rather than waiting until completion of the course. It is also easier for you to increase your grade this way

NOTE: Each participant will be allowed to retake one session in each course at no charge. If more than one retake is required, the CBA® candidate will need to register again for that course and pay the course registration fee of $500

Can I 'Test out' of CBA®?

CBA® candidates will not have the option to “test out.” CBA® is not a traditional “correspondence course” using a simple read-and-answer mode of learning. CBA® employs multimedia instruction to enhance the learning process—consequently making “testing out” extremely difficult, if not impossible.

When will CBA® Learning Courses become available to begin?

October 1, 2017

How long will it take to complete the CBA® Learning Courses?

Since CBA® is self-paced, the timeline for completion is largely dependent on the candidate’s level of knowledge in each discipline and a number of responsibilities s/he has on the job. There are approximately nine (9) hours of recorded lecture in each course in addition to the required readings. In Ohio, we require our newly hired advisors to complete the program within six (6) months; however, we give each state/center director full discretion in developing a reasonable time frame for their staff. Business professionals in the private sector have the option of setting and meeting their own personal deadlines.