Spirit of Women in Business


The Spirit of Women in Business 2023

The Spirit of Women in Business (SWIB) Conference is an annual event hosted by the Kent State University Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship. The conference brings together women from diverse professional backgrounds. 



Registration info and link coming soon! 


Hannah bbl


Co-Founder of Good Company Consulting and Author 

Hannah Ubl's core mission is to create organizations that don’t suck. She’s devoted her career to flipping the traditional workplace script, throwing out the old “employees are lines on a spreadsheet” in favor of treating people at work more like… well, people.

As Co-founder of Good Company Consulting, she’s sought after for her bold take on building workplaces that prioritize the human experience while simultaneously increasing the bottom line. Hannah’s dedicated the past decade to researching people at work - not just top talent

and leadership - but everyone in between. She’s discovered a strangely well-kept secret for recruiting and retaining the workforce of the future: the best recipe for organizational success is rooted in mindfulness, empathy, and kindness.

Hannah’s work is a fresh approach to the standard (and outdated) workplace narrative. Not afraid to ask the hard questions, she pushes audiences towards self-inquiry to help them become better leaders, better managers, and better colleagues.

With heart, deep conviction, and a good dose of self-deprecating humor, Hannah will sweep you along on a journey of insights that lead to deep, lasting mindset shifts about how work works.


rose crane


Rose Crane has more than 37 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with a strong focus in commercialization and business operations. She has more than 25 years of therapeutic and consumer drug launch experience. Crane served as president and chief executive officer of MELA Sciences Inc., and was a partner at Appletree Partners. She also served as president and chief executive officer of Epocrates Inc., where she led a very successful IPO. Crane served in various senior executive positions at Johnson & Johnson, including as group chairman, OTC & Nutritional Group, and as group chairman, Consumer, Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals. Prior to that, at Bristol Myers Squibb, Crane managed a $7 billion business as president U.S. Primary Care. She has held positions of increasing responsibilities in marketing, product development and global marketing at Bristol Myers Squibb. Crane has served on the Board of Directors for Catalent since 2018, and has served on the Board of Directors of Teva Pharmaceuticals since 2015, where she is currently chair of the Human Resource/Compensation Committee. She has served on six other public boards in the area of biotech and healthcare tech. She is vice chairman of the Foundation Board at State University of New York at Oswego. Crane received an MBA from Kent State University in 1986 and a B.A. in communications and English from the SUNY Oswego in 1981.