Destination Kent State (DKS) - Business Academic Advising FAQs

Welcome to the Golden Flash Family! The Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship is excited to meet with you this summer for Destination Kent State orientation advising.

Below are common questions to help you prepare for your first academic advising appointment during DKS and first semester at Kent State.


How do I register for Destination Kent State and meet with an academic advisor?
  • Visit the Destination Kent State website for directions on how to register through your Flashline account.  If you need assistance with registration, please contact the Destination Kent State team calling 330-672-2014 or emailing
  • You will be scheduled for an academic advising appointment as part of your orientation experience. More information will be provided during your DKS orientation check-in experience. 
  • If you are pursuing our 100% online General Business major and have questions about your orientation experience, please contact Tiffany Mostov, business DKS coordinator at
What should I complete before attending my appointment?
  • Complete the entire Pre-Advising Questionnaire (see DKS Mobile App). We recommend you complete the survey at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, but a minimum of 24 hours is required. This survey provides your advisor with critical information to help them prepare for your appointment such as your Kent Core selections and prior college credit.
What if my guest wants to attend the appointment?

Appointments are one-on-one meetings between the student and the advisor. The appointment is a time for you to share your interests and goals, while also building a relationship with an academic advisor.  If you wish to include your guest, inform your advisor. If time allows, your advisor will be willing to answer any of your guest's questions at the end of the appointment. However, please note that your academic records and test scores will be discussed in the meeting.

What if I am a student-athlete?

Connect with your athletic academic advisor before your appointment. You are required to meet with a business academic advisor in addition to your athletic advisor during DKS and each semester to discuss your major requirements and resources available to business majors.

What if I am an Honors Student?

The Honors College will pre-register you for your honors courses prior to meeting with your business advisor. If you have questions about your honors classes, contact the Honors College by calling 330-672-2312 or email If you bring questions related to honors coursework to your DKS appointment, your business advisor will connect with an honors advisor to assist you with your questions. 

Changing my Major or Minor

What if I want to change my major or add a second major before my DKS advising appointment?

In order to change your major or add a second major before your DKS date, you can contact Admissions at 330-672-2444. Admissions representatives will also be available during DKS check-in to change your major at that time.

What if I decide to change my major over the summer after my DKS advising appointment?

Email your DKS advisor or with your name, Kent State ID number, and the new major.  The advisor will help you change your major and adjust your schedule as needed, or if you are leaving the college they will connect you to your new college.

What if I want to declare a minor?

Students can declare minors after the start of their first term.  So, minors are typically declared during your first appointment in the next semester, or at a later time in your first or second year. Be sure to mention the minor in your DKS Advising appointment.  

Placement and Testing

What testing do I need to complete prior to my DKS advising appointment?
  • Complete the ALEKS Math placement test prior to meeting with your academic advisor during DKS. 
  • Completing a foreign language placement test is recommended if you have studied a foreign language in the past. Foreign language courses are not required for a business degree. However, the international business minor, as well as some other programs across the University, do require foreign language courses. Speak to your advisor if you have questions. 
What if I did not take the ACT/SAT tests? How will this affect my placement?

ACT and SAT tests can be used to place students into math or English courses. If you did not complete these exams, advisors will use a combination of your ALEKS Math placement score and high school GPA to place you into your first-year courses. 

What if I am not satisfied with my math placement results?

You have the opportunity to complete self-paced learning modules and then complete a reassessment exam prior to the start of your first term. If your score improves, please schedule an advising appointment or call 330-672-2872 to schedule an appointment. During the appointment, an advisor can assist you with adjusting your schedule. Visit Testing Services to learn more and register for the math reassessment.

Do I need to complete a foreign language placement test?

The foreign language placement test is not required for a business degree. However, we do recommend students complete the placement if you have studied a foreign language in the past. Visit the Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies for information on foreign language placements, or ask your academic advisor for more details. 

What if I have already extensively studied and feel fluent in another language?

Speak with your advisor during the advising appointment.  You may be able to complete the requirement and/or earn credit through testing programs such as CLEP or Credit by Exam. Please visit the KSU Testing Guidelines page for more information.

Prior College Credit

What if I have prior college credit from another college/university?
  1. Contact the other institution and send Kent State an official transcript.  It’s recommended you do this well in advance of DKS to have your credits on your official Kent State record in time for your advising appointment.  If your DKS advising appointment is tomorrow get an unofficial transcript from the institution by taking a screenshot/image of your credits to share with your advisor.
  2. If courses were taken at Kent State through any of the campuses you do not need to provide transcripts
  3. Course equivalencies can be found on the Kent State Transfer Credit Guide; Some courses may require additional evaluation by faculty. If this is the case your advisor will ask you to supply the course syllabus for review.  
  4. Your advisor will review your earned college credit and how it applies to your business major during your appointment. Follow up may be required if the advisor receives this information during the appointment. 
What if I have Advanced Placement (AP) credit?
  1. Access your College Board account and have the score sent to Kent State in order to have the credit(s) applied to your Kent State record in time for your DKS advising appointment. If your DKS advising appointment is tomorrow, provide your advisor with your unofficial scores during your advising appointment (screenshots/images of your test results are preferred).
  2. Kent State accepts scores of 3, 4 or 5. Visit the Kent State Advanced Placement website to learn more about what AP tests are accepted, course equivalencies, and how to report scores.
What if I do not have my score from an AP test I completed?

Discuss which tests you completed with your academic advisor during your appointment. Your advisor and you will discuss the best course of action based on the exams you completed. Once you receive your score over the summer, email your DKS advisor or email with documentation of your score if you received a 3 or higher.  We will follow up with you to review your schedule and discuss next steps. 

What if I have International Baccalaureate (IB) credit?

Prepare documentation of your IB credit for your advising appointment. Access more information about IB credit, course equivalencies, and how to report scores here: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

What if I have tech and career prep credit?
  1. Request that your official transcripts be sent to Kent State.
  2. You and your high school instructor will need to complete paperwork to have the credits transfer. It is best if this process can be completed before your DKS experience. Learn more
  3. Be sure to tell your advisor that you have tech or career prep credit during your advising appointment. This will allow the advisor to avoid planning classes for which you may already have earned credit.

Opportunities for Business Students

DKS Next Steps

How do I contact the business academic advising office over the summer?
  • The business undergraduate advisors are available throughout the summer. You may reach our office by:
  • Phone: Call 330-672-2872, normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5pm 
  • Email:; email the advisor you met with during the summer or your assigned academic advisor
  • Schedule an Advising Appointment. Login with your Flashline username and password, click on the Schedule an Appointment tab, select “Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship – Academic Advising” as your group.  Follow the directions on the page that comes up to schedule an appointment or to learn more about your advising options. 
What if I need to change my schedule over the summer?

​​​​​​Contact the undergraduate advising office by calling 330-672-2872 or by emailing You may also email the advisor you met with over DKS or your assigned academic advisor.

How will I know who my assigned advisor is and how do I contact them?

You will receive an email the day after your DKS appointment from your assigned advisor. You can work with your DKS or assigned advisor for questions over the summer. You can also email questions to

What if I want to take classes over summer instead of starting in the fall?

​​​​​​Contact Undergraduate Admissions to change your admit term to the summer and connect with an advisor to register summer classes.