Liquid Crystals Materials Science Building

The Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute (AMLCI) is the nation’s premier academic center devoted to research on advanced materials at the interface to soft matter. 

Scientist in the AMLCI conduct basic and applied research on polymers, nanomaterials, liquid crystals, active matter and other biological systems as well as sensors and actuators. The AMLCI also houses Materials Science, a graduate program leading to a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in liquid crystals and other responsive soft materials with various specializations.


The following institutions and amenities are found at the Liquid Crystals Material Science Building:


The Liquid Crystals Material Science Building is located at 1425 University Esplanade, Kent, Ohio 44242. (view on Google Maps)

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Cleanroom Research and Prototyping Facility


Characterization Facility

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