About the Collection

The Collection

The library provides the following materials in its collection.

  • Over 15,000 books covering the subject areas of podiatry, medicine, and biological sciences
  • About 100 journal titles specializing in podiatry and medical topics
  • Software and audiovisual materials such as DVDs that can be used in the library or media center*
  • Laptop circulation policy
  • Bones, skulls, and skeletons*
  • Models of the leg and foot*
  • Models of parts of the anatomy other than the leg and foot*
  • Orthotics and orthotic materials*
  • Medical equipment*
  • Study tools such as dry erase boards, headphones, dry erase marker and eraser kits, standing desks* 

Items marked with an * (asterisk) can be checked out and used only in the building. Many of our books can be checked out for three or six weeks and can be renewed at least once. However, some of our books and journals have a more limited length of time that they can be checked out and may be limited to in-building use only. The circulation policy of the book or journal determines the length of time the book or journal can be checked out, how many times that the book can be renewed, and whether or not the book or journal can leave the building.