Student Health Insurance


Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine students are required to have and maintain medical health coverage while enrolled at KSUCPM. To ensure compliance, KSUCPM students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.

Student Medical Plan Information

The official Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine 2023-2024 insurance plan is administered by Wellfleet. CIGNA is the brand name/network for the products and services provided by these companies and their applicable affiliated companies. It is managed by GDK & Company.  

Visit the to print out an ID card, view claims and more.

Payment is due in accordance with KSUCPM's tuition schedule. Only if a student is currently insured under a comparable health insurance plan, may the student waive off of the KSUCPM plan and receive a credit on the student account. Covered Students enrolled in the KSUCPM Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan, may also insure their dependents.

Students who were enrolled in the insurance for the Fall Semester cannot waive the insurance for the Spring semester.

Covered students may also enroll their lawful spouse or domestic partner and dependent children up to the age of 26. Students must pay out of pocket directly to Wellfleet to add their dependents to the plan. The annual enrollment deadline is August 25, 2023.  Dependent enrollment applications will not be accepted after August 25, 2023 unless there is a significant life change that directly affects their insurance coverage.

Students who successfully waive coverage from the school-sponsored Plan but lose that coverage any time after the Waiver Deadline Date, may enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan at a pro-rated insurance rate. Applications must be received with 31 days of the Qualifying Life Event (date of the loss of other coverage). Coverage will be effective the date after the event. When applying due to a life event, appropriate documentation showing proof of loss must be provided and attached to application.  Please contact the Office of Student Affairs if you lose coverage and need to enroll in the plan.


Students who are currently insured by a health insurance policy (i.e., their own or through their parents) may waive the KSUCPM insurance plan with proof of other approved insurance. Online waivers must be completed by August 25, 2023. The Fall waiver will be in effect for 08/01/2022 to 07/31/2023.

Waiver request is valid for fall and spring semesters. Students who elect to waive the KSUCPM Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan must submit a waiver during Fall semester, within the time frame indicated via e-mail from Kent State University. All waiver information will be verified with your insurance company as part of the insurance verification process. If insurance status cannot be verified, the waiver will be revoked and the insurance premium will be charged to your student account.

Waiver submissions may be audited by Wellfleet, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, and/or their contractors or representatives. You may be required to provide, upon request, any coverage documents and/or other records demonstrating that you meet the school's requirements for waiving the student health insurance plan.  By submitting the waiver request, you agree that your current insurance plan may be contacted for confirmation that your coverage is in force for the applicable policy year and that it meets the school's waiver requirements.

No waivers will be accepted after the last day of the waiver deadline for the term. If the waiver deadlines are ignored, you will be responsible for the insurance premium. Your insurance charge will not be removed from your tuition bill without an approved waiver.

Questions/comments about the Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan for Kent State College of Podiatric Students can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, Lorie Evans at