Downloading and completing DeWeese Health Center forms

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your Flashline username and password.
  3. Once signed in, click the “Forms” tab in the top navigation list, or you may also click the “Forms” icon and link in the center of the page.
  4. Download the appropriate forms  that you have been asked to complete and return to your Downloads folder by clicking on the link for each form to download them. Do not open them in your browser after they download. Proceed to the next step.
  5. Once you’ve downloaded the forms it’s important to open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to complete them. You can do so by opening the program and then going to “File” in the menu bar at the top and then “Open” to browse to the location you download the forms to, and then selecting the file(s) to open them in Reader.

    You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open and complete your forms. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC if you do not already have it installed on your computer. If you download Reader uncheck the “Optional Offers” and “Get More out of Acrobat” checkboxes on the page and then click the “Download Acrobat Reader” button.

    Often, your internet browser will open and display the downloaded form without issue; however, completing the form in your browser is likely to cause issues with returning the completed file. You also will not be able to sign the documents in your browser.
  6. In Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, complete the available fillable fields in the PDF document. Sign the forms with your Digital ID by clicking on the Signature field(s).

    If you do not have a Digital ID created in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC yet, please visit our instruction pages on creating a Digital ID and signing with a Digital ID.
  7. Once you’ve completed the forms, browse to “File” in the menu bar at the top and then select “Save” to make sure your changes have been saved to the form file.

Continue on to see how to upload the completed forms.