Here is an overview of the types of GRASPP events you'll see. Visit our calendar page to see what's coming up next!

GRASPP Meeting Schedule

Get involved today! Visit any General Meeting to learn more about what GRASPP has to offer including helping you along your way to graduation and connecting you to life in and around Kent State University.

  • Executive Board Meeting: Contact President Chrissy Stonebraker ( for further information or if you wish to attend.
  • General GRASPP Meeting: General meetings are held once per month on Thursdays at 8:30pm in the Read Room (200) of White Hall.

Speakers, Lectures, and other Educational Opportunities

Kent State University and the Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel program invites numerous speakers and guest lecturers throughout the year. Join us to extend your educational opportunities outside of the classroom.

Social Outings

Join us for all sorts of fun outings to get to know your fellow students, meet new friends, and have fun! We plan on meeting at the following locations at the indicated times.

  • GradFest GradFest is held on the Friday following the First Wednesday of every month. Please visit the Graduate Student Senate website for more information.
  • ThursRays Every other Thursday at 8:30pm, join your fellow HIED students at Ray's Place in downtown Kent.
  • Cleveland-area Outings
  • Much, much more!