University Culinary Services

Good Food, Better Earth Sign

Flashes can sample items from nearly 20 vendors to help University Culinary Services determine which new items to add to on-campus menus. 

Fork in the Road Food Truck on the Student Green

The Kent State University Spring Food Truck Series begins on Risman Plaza April 3 and continues each Wednesday through May 1. 

Holi 2024

In late March, groups of Indian students on campus celebrated the popular and significant Hindu festival of Holi. 

Meatless Monday Banner Image

University Culinary Services offers meat-free menu items in March as part of National Nutrition Month and an increased commitment to offering plant-based options. 

Ice cream sampling event at Eastway.

University Culinary Services gave Flashes the opportunity to sample three unique ice cream flavors and offer suggestions on what to name them.

Nutrition Fair Graphic with Sarah Korzan

Registered Dietician Sarah Korzan wants to share nutrition information to help Flashes improve their diets and lead healthy livestyles. 

Kent State Today
Nut-free signage at DI Dining

Kent State University Culinary Services is proud to present DI Dining as a certified nut-free facility. 

University Culinary Services

University Culinary Services

Pumpkin contest entries on display at Eastway

Find out which of the pumpkin creations displayed at Eastway received the most votes.