Community, Anti-Racism, and Equity Resource Repository


In an effort to help give tools and further recommended reading to our faculty members, part time and adjunct faculty, graduate assistants and staff members, the School of Theatre and Dance's Community, Anti-Racism, and Equity Committee has created a resource repository for ways to improve instruction and the classroom dynamic. 

Navigating and Accessing the Resource Repository

How Information Is Organized

Articles and resources are grouped together based on subject or theme. The Repository is an ever-evolving work in progress and titles will be be continuously added.

Each article and resource is numbered. This number can be found in the spreadsheet linked in the section below and is helpful if you wish to access the PDF version of an article or resource.

Accessing Articles and Resources online

All articles in the Repository can be accessed by an online link. The spreadsheet linked in the button below contains information on the title of the article or resource, its theme, and a direct link to the material.

CARE Resource Repository Spreadsheet

Accessing PDF Versions of Articles and Resources

If you prefer to access a PDF version of the Repository's articles and resources, please visit Google Drive folder linked in the button below. All entries are numbered for ease of finding what you are looking for.

Reminder: Numbers can be found in the CARE Resource Repository Spreadsheet linked above.

Access PDF Versions of Articles and Resources

Help Us Expand the Repository

Within this form, you may submit up to 5 entries to be reviewed and added to the repository.  Please note that any articles or links submitted should address instruction, theatre, or dance to create and encourage more diverse viewpoints, reduce harm, and incorporate best practices for now.

Submit Titles for Consideration