Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Kent State University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing - it's an art, a science and a challenge that provides a lifetime of rewards.  

Kent State University offers one of the finest nursing programs in the United States. At the College of Nursing, expert faculty and administrators work with students to enhance professional education and success. All of Kent State's programs provide a continuing base for development, as an individual and as a nursing professional.  

The first year of the program provides a beginning understanding of the profession and a theoretical basis for the nursing courses that are taken in the subsequent years of the program.  Experience is provided with individuals, families, and groups in a variety of clinical settings including primary health care, acute care, and long term care. Research, professionalism, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are key concepts in the program.  

Kent State University College of Nursing uses a variety of clinical agencies and affiliations through Northeast Ohio for clinical experiences. Students have the opportunity to select agencies that broaden their experiences.  

There are a variety of career opportunities for nursing majors ranging from work in hospitals, clinics, community health centers, schools, hospice care and nursing homes. Graduates can also work as private nurses, as well as have successful careers in the government or military.  

Kent State's nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

You may complete all four years of this program at Kent State University at Trumbull.

Program Roadmap