Benefits & Curriculum

The Kent State Trumbull Honors Program seeks to recruit a diverse student body that fosters a community of academic excellence.

As a student in the Honors Program, you will be a part of both a vibrant, active campus and an intimate community of dedicated scholars.


  • Open to students in any major
  • Small class sizes - 15 students or less
  • Graduation with Honors distinction
  • Priority registration
  • Individual Honors work
  • Optional senior Honors thesis/project
  • Community service opportunities
  • Social events
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Personal academic advisor
  • Connection to Kent State University's Honors College and Alumni Chapter


Honors experiences, available with any major, are designed to teach students to be excited by ideas, to love discovery and to become independent, creative and self-confident learners. 

In your Honors classes, you can expect:

  • Flexibility and freedom
  • Personal attention
  • Intellectual challenges
  • To stretch intellectual ambition and excel in all academic work
  • Encouragement to take initiative in determining the direction of the course
  • Creative teaching approaches from the professors and creative responses from students
  • Openness and honesty in approaching what may be new and controversial topics from both faculty and students
  • Opportunities to get involved in research as an undergraduate
  • Greater responsibility for academic choices
  • Integration of various kinds of learning experiences


To graduate with Honors distinction, students must complete 24 Honors credit hours during their undergraduate years. In order to maintain good standing, at least one Honors course must be taken each academic year.

A 24 credit hour course outline might look like this:

First Year
Freshman Honors Colloquium (equivalent to two courses) plus one other course
3 Honors courses
Sophomore Year 2 Honors courses
Junior Year 2 Honors courses
Senior Year 1 Honors course

Good Academic Standing

Members of the Honors Program must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA to remain in good academic standing with the program.

Graduation with Honors

Students who are in good standing at graduation, complete their minimum Honors requirements, and complete a senior Honors thesis/project will have their graduation distinction (university, general, or departmental honors) noted on the final academic transcripts. In addition, students receive an official thesis certificate in the mail after graduation.