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Campus Scholarships

Adult Non-Traditional Student (ANTS) Scholarship
This scholarship was established to support students that enroll in classes after the traditional college ages of 18-24. In many cases, these students are juggling additional life demands including maintaining a job and raising a family. Additional Criteria:  Students 25 years of age and older.

George Apostolakis Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1984 by the Eastern Ohio Automobile Dealers Association in memory of George Apostolakis. George was a community leader and founder of the local Apostolakis Honda and Mazda automobile dealerships. Additional Criteria:  Trumbull County resident.

Atkinson-Hoobler Scholarship
This scholarship was established by George and Betsy Hoobler to support student tutors. Betsy, an Emeritus Professor of English, has been credited with creating the Kent State Trumbull Skill Center. The Atkinson name has been included in memory of George's late mother. Additional Criteria: Sophomore status or later, employed as a student tutor.

AVI Foodsystems Scholarship
AVI Foodsystems, located in Warren, Ohio, and founded in 1960, has evolved into one of the most respected and trusted food service companies in the nation. AVI supports the local community in a number of ways, including higher education.

Edith Bainbridge was a Warren native employed by Packard Electric who was devoted to her family and church. Even though she never completed high school, Edith supported children and education. She established the scholarship to provide opportunities to students which were never available to her. Additional Criteria: Available for new freshman.

Elizabeth Z. Bartz graduated from Kent State University having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism in 1980 and a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science in 1982.  She credits the Trumbull Campus and its professors as the place and people who supported her at the beginning of her educational journey. This scholarship will support students who matriculate to Kent State Trumbull from Howland High School, her alma mater.  

Dr. Guy Bluford is an American aerospace engineer, retired U.S. Air Force officer and fighter pilot, and former NASA astronaut, who was the first African American in space.  The scholarship program was established to support Dr. Bluford’s interest in assisting minority students to pursue a degree in a STEM discipline.  The scholarship is available to graduating seniors from a Trumbull County High School pursuing a STEM degree.  Preference will be given to African American or Hispanic students from Warren G. Harding High School participating in the Inspiring Minds program.  Minimum GPA of 2.5 and ACT score of 21.  The scholarship is renewable for up to an additional three semesters by maintaining a GPA of at least 2.5.

Jack L. Brizzi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Mary A. Turzillo is an Emeritus Professor of English from Kent State University at Trumbull. She has established a scholarship in the arts in memory of her son. Additional Criteria: Undergraduate student majoring in the arts.

The Cafaro Foundation is a charitable entity established by the Cafaro family in loving memory of William M. Cafaro, the founder of the real estate development and management company that bears his name.  The scholarship will benefit students from Niles, Ohio, home to the Cafaro corporate headquarters and will be awarded to a graduating senior from Niles McKinley High School.

Christman Family Scholarship for Nursing
Sandra L. Christman is an Emeritus Professor at Kent State University at Trumbull. The scholarship has been established to honor members of her family. Her sister, Carole Botkin, embarked on a nursing career as a non-traditional student after raising eight children. Her brother, Tom Christman, was a student at Kent State University who died in an auto accident. The scholarship also honors Sandra's parents, James and Ethel Christman. Additional Criteria:  Nursing student, 30 years of age or older entering sophomore year, minimum 3.5 GPA, with preference given to applicants with children or who are single parents.

Anne and Walter Ciuba Memorial Scholarship
Gary Ciuba has served as an English professor at Kent State University at Trumbull since 1986. This scholarship was established in memory of his parents. Additional Criteria: First preference will go to a student majoring in English; second preference will go to a student majoring in nursing. 

Dorothy T. and Arnold A. Danes Nursing Scholarship
Stephanie Danes Smith is an alumna of Kent State University and current professor for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and School of Communication Studies.  She established the scholarship in memory of her parents who were residents of Trumbull County.
Additional Criteria:  Nursing student.

Larry has been a long-standing Mathematics professor at Kent State Trumbull for more than 40 years.  The scholarship will benefit students from Newton Falls, where Larry currently resides and will be awarded to a graduating senior from Newton Falls High School.  

Luise Finney Young Memorial Scholarship
Luise Finney Young was a member of the Ohio Music Teachers Association and graduate of the Dana Musical Institute when it was located in Warren. Music was her life. She taught piano lessons to hundreds of students throughout Trumbull County. The scholarship supports students with an interest in music and fine arts. Additional criteria:  Trumbull County resident, preference given to students participating in a music or fine arts program.

George Gentithes Memorial Scholarship
George Gentithes was President of the former Area Betterment Council. The scholarship recognizes his unselfish service to the Trumbull County community. Additional Criteria:  Trumbull County resident pursuing a degree in Political Science or Pre-Law.

Charles R. and Mary E. Holton, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Charles and Mary Holten, former Warren residents who supported education and local hospitals. Additional Criteria:  Nursing students admitted into the BSN program, preference given to Howland High School graduates and Trumbull County high school graduates.

William (Bill) C. Horton Memorial Scholarship
Born on July 23, 1933, in Warren, Horton was a local businessman and community leader. He was the owner/operator of Horton Electrical Contracting Inc. for many years, before retiring in 1997. Horton's passion for the community was displayed through his countless hours committed to volunteer organizations. Horton passed away on August 28, 2013. Additional Criteria: The scholarship supports residents of Trumbull County who are pursuing a degree in business while attending Kent State Trumbull. Special consideration will be given to students who are involved in volunteer activities within the local community.

Michalene Hughley Scholarship
Michalene Hughley attended Kent State Trumbull and Youngstown State University as a single mother raising two children.  Her schooling led to a career in social work with various county and state agencies.  She feels strongly about helping others since many people have helped her along the way.  She has established a scholarship as a way to give back. Additional Criteria: Student must be a single parent.

Ann H. and Robert T. Izant, II Memorial Scholarship
The Izants were key contributors within Trumbull County. Robert practiced real estate law for the former Trumbull Savings and Loan Company, while Ann was a dedicated community volunteer who was actively involved with the local Red Cross, as well as the TMH Women's Auxiliary. Both were great advocates for higher education and Kent State University at Trumbull, and created a scholarship endowment to support students.

Jeanette Jackson Memorial Scholarship
The Gillmer Kroehle Foundation has a long history of supporting student scholarships at Kent State Trumbull. Prior to her untimely death, Jackson had a profound impact on the Gillmer-Kroehle Family. The family’s foundation established a scholarship in her memory that supports low income students. Additional Criteria: Minimum GPA of 2.5 and must qualify for financial assistance.

David A. Jewell Memorial Scholarship for Kent State Trumbull
Mrs. Jewell is a life-long resident of Trumbull County, Ohio.  In 2007, she established the David A. Jewell Memorial Scholarship at Kent State University in memory of her son.  The scholarship supports students in the fashion merchandising program with a preference given to residents from Trumbull County.  In 2018, she established an additional scholarship to assist students attending Kent State University at Trumbull.  Additional Criteria: Student must be a resident of Trumbull County, have completed 60 or more credit hours, and show financial need.

Kent State Trumbull Advisory Board Scholarship
This scholarship was established through the generosity of the members of the Kent State Trumbull Community Advisory Board. 

Kent State Trumbull Faculty and Staff Scholarship
The Kent State Trumbull Faculty & Staff Scholarship was established in 2012, and is funded through donations from current campus faculty and staff.

Kent State Trumbull Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association Scholarship
This scholarship was established by members of the Kent State Trumbull Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association to provide support to students attending Kent State Trumbull. The scholarship signifies their commitment to the university priority of placing “students first.”

Nikki Keyser Memorial Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor the life of Nikki Keyser to assist Nursing students at Kent State University at Trumbull. Additional Criteria:  Nursing student in the BSN program that has completed 30 credit hours.

The Ralph and Marion Gillmer Kroehle Memorial Scholarship
The Kroehle Family have long been community leaders and established a scholarship to benefit future students at Kent State University at Trumbull. The late Ralph Kroehle was President of the former Peerless Electric Company, while the late Marion Gillmer Kroehle was well known in the local arts and healthcare community.

Dr. John S. Latcham Memorial Scholarship
John Latcham retired from Kent State University as Professor Emeritus after 28 years of service. He taught Political Science and Economics at Kent State University at Trumbull. Through his lifelong commitment to education, he bequeathed a scholarship that was established upon his passing. Additional Criteria:  Full-time student enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Larry Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
Larry Lawrence was an active member of the theatre program at Kent State University at Trumbull. He was best known as a prankster that had a way to make people laugh. His most memorable performance was his portrayal of Michael in The Boys in the Band, just two weeks prior to passing away from Hodgkin's disease. In his memory, a scholarship has been established to support theatre students at Kent State University at Trumbull. Additional Criteria:  Students involved in the theatre program.

Ruth Linamen Memorial Scholarship
A life-long resident of Warren, Ruth Linamen received both a Bachelors and Masters degree from Kent State University. She worked for much of her career in the Warren City School system and last served as principal at the Henry H. Alden School. The scholarship represents the care for students that Ruth showed throughout her life. Additional Criteria: Female resident of Trumbull Country, preference for non-traditional student pursuing a degree in education.

Paul E. Martin Memorial Scholarship
During his lifetime, Paul Martin maintained a commitment to community service with a focus on higher education and support of Kent State University at Trumbull. In his professional career, he founded the former Martin Chevrolet Dealership in Warren in 1958. The scholarship continues his commitment to Kent State University at Trumbull, and students in the local community. Additional Criteria: Trumbull or Mahoning county residents. Preference given to Business majors.

John and Dorothy Masternick Nursing Scholarship
John Masternick was a pioneer in the nursing industry until his passing in 2009. Along with his wife, Dorothy, they developed and operated more than 20 nursing homes under the Windsor House name. Through their foundation, a scholarship has been established to support future students pursuing a career in nursing. Additional Criteria:  Nursing student.

Hazel B. Oehler Memorial Scholarship
Hazel Oehler was one of the area's best known civic and community leaders with involvement in numerous organizations including the YWCA, Trumbull County Community Chest, United Way, American Red Cross, Girl Scouts, and Warren Civic Music Association. Her husband, Dr. Irving Oehler, established the scholarship in her honor and memory upon her death in 1976. Additional Criteria:  Non-traditional female student 25 years of age and older.

Nelson and Claudia Reel Medallion Scholarship
A lifelong resident of Trumbull County, Claudia Reel graduated from Kent State University at Trumbull with an Associate Degree in Business that helped to advance her career at Delphi Packard Electric. She established a scholarship that also recognizes her late husband so that area students have an opportunity to receive a college education. Additional Criteria:  Trumbull County resident.

Nancy M. (Johnson) Resh Memorial Scholarship
Professor Nancy M. (Johnson) Resh was a well-loved Professor of American Sign Language at Kent State University at Trumbull before her untimely death. She is best remembered for her exceptional teaching, her passionate community service, and, above all, her ability to unite members of the deaf and hearing communities both within and outside of the classroom environment. Eligibility for this scholarship includes: Must be a Kent State University at Trumbull student, and undergraduate student at any class level, must be taking at least six credit hours at Kent State University at Trumbull during semester for which the scholarship is awarded, must have a 3.0 or higher GPA, must be a student pursuing a major in ASL, Deaf Education or ASL/English Interpreting or a Deaf student pursuing any major, The scholarship recipient may be a Deaf or Hearing student according to the guidelines stated above.

Dr. Gary L. Robinson Rising Sophomore Scholarship
Gary is an alumnus of Kent State University, having attended the Trumbull campus.  He is originally from Southington, Ohio; and a graduate from Chalker High School.  This scholarship will benefit rising sophomores that have shown improvement and promise throughout their freshman year.  Additional Criteria: Student must have recently completed 30 credit hours with a GPA of 2.7 to 3.3. Students should submit a letter of recommendation from a Kent State faculty or staff member in addition to their scholarship application.

Bob Russell Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship has been established by Dr. Mary Russell to honor her father, Bob Russell. Mary has been a faculty member at Kent State University at Trumbull in Biological Sciences since 2003. She chose to honor her father with this scholarship because he highly valued education. He became a non-traditional student himself, earning his degree after retiring from the United States Marine Corps. 

Clydus F. Sells Memorial Scholarship
Clydus F. Sells, community leader and businessman, was employed at Republic Steel for 42 years. He served as Chairman of the Warren Area College Committee which was created in 1962 and provided the impetus for establishing Kent State University at Trumbull, which opened in 1970. The scholarship recognizes his lifetime service and contributions to the campus.

Kathryn Sines Single Parent Scholarship
Kathryn L. Sines earned an Associate of Applied Business (BMRT, '88), a BBA in Human Resources, Cum Laude ('91) and a Masters of Business Administration ('93) from Kent State University. She began her college studies as a Non-Traditional Adult Student and a single parent.  Her commitment to Kent State is very strong and she was instrumental in the Adult Non-Traditional Students (ANTS) scholarship endowment. It is her desire to support single parents attending the university. Additional Criteria: Student must be a single parent.

Professor M. Rick Smith Memorial Scholarship
Dr. M. Rick Smith was an Associate Professor of English who taught for 10 years at Kent State University at Trumbull. A scholarship has been established in memory of Dr. Smith’s passion for literature and teaching. It will benefit outstanding students within the Trumbull Campus English department. Additional Criteria: Consideration will be given based upon grade point average, number of hours earned, and contributions to the English Department at the Trumbull Campus.

Violet E. and Angelo L. Strabley Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established to support non-traditional female students in memory of Violet and Angelo Strabley. Additional Criteria:  Non-traditional female student 25 years of age and older.

Surya Srivastava Memorial Scholarship
Surya Srivastava was a Professor and Assistant Dean at Kent State University at Trumbull. He immigrated to Ohio from Lucknow, India in 1970 and committed his career to education. The scholarship was created in his memory. Additional Criteria: Full-time student, Trumbull or Mahoning County resident, preference to student pursuing a degree in science.

Trumbull County Private Industry Council Foundation Scholarship
The Private Industry Council connected youths and adults to educational and employment opportunities in Trumbull County until its closing in 2000. At that time, a scholarship endowment was established to benefit area students pursuing higher education that are in need of financial support. Additional Criteria:  Student must demonstrate financial need, Trumbull County resident.

Trumbull County Scholarship for Future Nurses
This scholarship has been established to support future nurses from Trumbull County.  As the local healthcare industry faces a shortage of nurses when the “baby boom” generation continues to retire, these students will comprise the future workforce in our area hospitals.  Kent State Trumbull is well positioned to meet this demand and graduate nurses that will contribute to the health and wellness of our local citizens.  Additional Criteria:  Nursing students admitted into the BSN program that reside in Trumbull County.

Van Huffel Nursing Scholarship
The Van Huffel family name is connected to the area's industrial past. Employing a work force of 1,200 in 1962, the Van Huffel Tube Corporation was the fourth largest employer in Warren at the time. The company was purchased by Youngstown Sheet and Tube in 1967. Parents Isadore and Elizabeth Van Huffel created a family foundation that still benefits the local community today. Additional Criteria:  Nursing student.

Veterinary Technology Scholarship for Animal Welfare
The Associate Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology is currently offered at Kent State Trumbull.  The degree prepares graduates to serve as technicians performing support functions within area veterinary clinics.  The campus maintains a unique relationship with the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County by offering onsite classes whereas students receive a hands-on experience at the facility.  A scholarship was established to support students pursuing a career in animal welfare.  Additional Criteria: Student must be enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program at Kent State Trumbull.

Warren Chamber Foundation Scholarship
The Warren Chamber Foundation was established in 1991 with an Educational, Civic and Cultural division that funds programs and projects that promote the cultural advancement, the development of civic pride and spirit and the maintenance and enhancement of educational opportunities throughout the city of Warren and Trumbull County. Additional Criteria: Student must be a resident of Trumbull County attending Kent State Trumbull.

Warren Kiwanis Scholarship
The Warren Kiwanis are a local service organization committed to supporting the community. Through their annual Turkey Trot fundraiser, a 2 mile and 5 mile race held on Thanksgiving Day at Kent State University at Trumbull, scholarships are created to assist area students. Additional Criteria:  Preference given to Warren resident. Additional Criteria: Non-traditional student, 25 years of age or older. Graduate of a Trumbull County high school. Must have completed 30 hours.

Milton I. Wick Memorial Scholarship
Milton I. Wick, founder of Wick Communications, dedicated his life to the field of journalism and publishing. In 1926, Milton and brother Jim purchased the Niles Daily Times. The company, now based in Arizona, consists of 32 newspapers and 23 specialty publications across 13 states. A scholarship was established to assist students pursuing a career in writing and communications. Additional Criteria:  Student pursuing a degree in Journalism, English, or Applied Communications, preference given to student writing for campus newspaper.

Bill and Pat Wonders Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship was established to support non-traditional students in memory of Bill Wonders and Pat Dailey. They first met and fell in love in 1941 while she was attending Kent State University and both were working in Warren, Ohio. After taking time off for marriage and to raise five children, Pat returned to Kent State at a Trumbull County branch at Warren G. Harding High School. Upon earning a Bachelor's degree in 1959 and a Master's degree in 1965, Pat taught in the Warren City Schools for more than 20 years. As a tool and die maker in local steel plants, Bill fully supported and encouraged her educational pursuits. Additional Criteria: Non-traditional student 25 years of age and older, graduate of Trumbull County High School and must have completed 30 credit hours.