The Bachelor of Arts in English allows students to focus on topics of personal interest while developing a broad background in English studies.

All students take core classes, surveying English and American literatures and approaches to literary study. They also choose from a wide variety of elective courses in three areas (historical; writing and language studies; and genre, cultural studies and literary theory) and complete a capstone senior seminar.

Complete this major completely at TrumbullEnglish Degree at Kent State Trumbull

Students can complete all requirements for the B.A. in English at Kent State Trumbull.


Complete this minor at TrumbullEnglish Minor at Kent State Trumbull

Students can complete the English minor in its entirety at Kent State Trumbull.


Career Opportunities

All the undergraduate level, our programs prepare students for careers in professional writing, editing, publishing, public relations, and teaching, as well as for graduate and professional studies in language, literature, education, law, and communications.