1. A maximum of $500 per full-time TT and NTT faculty is available for reimbursement for “Approved” faculty professional travel during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  The maximum can be reimbursed for a single conference, etc., or for several smaller ones.
  2. A Faculty Absence Authorization/Expenditure Estimate form must be completed and submitted to the Assistant Dean for approval PRIOR to the travel.  The form can be found on the Business Services webpage at www.kent.edu/trumbull/business-services-0.  Also, preauthorization for overnight travel and air travel must be processed through Chrome River using a preapproval report. (See University Travel manual, page 4, section 2.1.)
  3. International Travel: If traveling outside of the continental US and Canada on KSU Business, you must notify Risk Management.  International Travel Insurance and contact information can be found at www.kent.edu/compliance/international-travel-insurance. (See University Travel manual, page 7, section 3.1.)
  4. Conference Registration fees may be paid on the University Credit Card prior to travel by supplying the necessary information to the Business Services office after receiving approval for the travel (N/A if fees are charged).  Faculty travel funds DO NOT COVER MEMBERSHIP FEES and must not be included in the registration fee amount.  Please include a copy of the conference program, brochure, etc. that details what is included in the registration fees.  (Meals included in the conference registration fees will not be eligible for a per diem meal reimbursement).
  5. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within sixty days of incurring the expenses.  Eligible expenses must be supported by ORIGINAL receipts that detail the expenditures (credit card slips, showing only the total amount, do not constitute original receipts).  The Calculate Mileage Wizard should be used to automatically calculate the mileage via Google Maps by entering the start and end addresses.  (See the Chrome River User Guide for more details).
  6. Driving vs. Flying: Per University policy 7-02.8, “Travelers are encouraged to compare all the costs associated with each mode of transportation and select the one that is the most cost effective.”  To compare the $ amount for reimbursement for driving via personal car vs. flying, additional costs for flying (i.e. $ for travel to/from airport, airport parking, public transportation or car rental at destination, etc.) will be added to the cost of airfare to determine the total costs to fly.  (Traveler is required to provide this information/documentation).   Reimbursement for use of a privately-owned vehicle will be paid at the lower of a mileage allowance or the accumulated costs to fly.  
  7. Links to Chrome River Travel & Expense Management (TEM) User Guide, Travel Policy & Procedure, and University Travel Manual are available on the Business Services webpage at www.kent.edu/trumbull/business-services-0.
  8. Contact information – Business Services Office:

Elaine Petrosky, Business Services Administrator
Classroom/Administration Building-Room 201A
330-675-8864, 5-digit: 58864 

Dawn Cook, Administrative Clerk
Classroom/Administration Building-Room 201B
 Phone: 330-675-8975, 5-digit: 58975