Honors Program

The Honors Program offers outstanding students a program of challenging courses and enriched educational experiences.


  • Develop a broad understanding of the arts and sciences

  • Commit to excellence in academic and creative endeavors

  • Make a positive difference in the lives of those around you as you strengthen your job prospects and expand your horizons 

Work in Honors fosters the habits of inquiry, skills in learning, and strategies for reflection that are central to the mission of Kent State University.

Benefits of membership in the Kent State Trumbull Honors Program:

  • Priority Registration
  • Enhanced classes
  • Smaller teacher-to-student ratios
  • Special Honors advising
  • Strong sense of community
  • Study abroad and independent study opportunities
  • Official university recognition on transcript


The curriculum of the Honors Program can be completed with any major. The flexibility of the program usually allows for students to complete their major and Honors requirements without taking extra classes. Honors classes are taught by select Kent State Trumbull faculty and are designed for advanced students. Participation and discussion are integral components of most Honors classes.

Curriculum Outline

Honors courses are available throughout a student's undergraduate years and can be done with any major in the university. Honors Program freshmen are enrolled in the yearlong Freshman Honors Colloquium which takes the place of College Writing I and II.

Freshmen who join the Honors Program need to complete 24 hours of  Honors coursework to graduate with honors distinction. Honors experiences can include designated Honors classes, individual Honors work, a senior Honors thesis, and study abroad opportunities. Students need at least one Honors experience per academic year to remain in good standing with the program.


The professors who teach Honors classes are among the best on campus. They bring passion for the field to the classroom and are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction. Honors classes at Kent State Trumbull have been taught in these departments:

  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business
  • English
  • Geology
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Sociology

Honors faculty can also facilitate internships, study abroad programs, senior Honors thesis projects, and individual investigations. 

Converting a regular class into an Honors class

Once enrolled in the Honors Program, Kent State Trumbull students are encouraged to convert any regular course into an Honors course. No web-based course may be converted into an Honors course, though almost all face-to-face courses can be converted. Please contact Mary Russell, if you need assistance in understanding and completing the conversion form.   

***PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN THE DEADLINES to submit an Honors conversions forms to the Honors coordinator (Dr. Russell) starting Fall 2020

Deadline to for converting a Fall semester course: August 1*

Deadline for converting a Spring semester course: December 1*

*If either date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the next Monday or campus working day is the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE DEADLINES WILL BE MADE.

Requirements and Admissions

To enter Honors as a freshman, students generally meet one of the following criteria:

  • ACT cumulative score of 24
  • High school GPA of 3.3

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are identified by admissions and advised based on the Honors qualifications stated above. No application is necessary for incoming freshmen.

To enter Honors after the first semester of college, a GPA of 3.25 is normally required.  Based on the year of entry, the number of Honors courses required to graduate with honors is adjusted.  

New GPA policy for honors scholarship beginning Fall 2020:

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Kent State University at Trumbull Honors Program will experience a change in policy regarding awarding of honors scholarships. Honors students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.50 GPA to qualify for the honors scholarship each semester. Honors students whose GPA is between 3.30-3.49 may remain in the honors program but will not be eligible for the honors scholarship until they raise their GPA to a minimum of 3.50.

Incoming students, as well as current honors students, will be subject to the new policy.

Application to the Honors Program requires one letter of recommendation and a completed application form.  

Applications can be submitted electronically via email to Mary Russell at mrussel1@kent.edu, or in person by dropping them either at the Information Desk, located on the second floor of the Classroom/Administration Building, or to the attention of Christine Cooney, Honors advisor, at the Office of Student Services.