Art Professor Phillip Buntin is one of four featured artists at Cleveland exhibit

A collection of paintings by Phillip Buntin, associate professor, Kent State University at Trumbull, will be featured at Bostwick Design Art Initiative’s “4 Summer Exhibitions,” through Saturday, Sept. 1.  

Buntin is one of four participating northeast Ohio artists.  His six new oil on resin-coated fabric paintings will be on display. Through his works, he explores the phenomenal experience of complexity through the use of liminal figures that blur the lines between painterly tropes, organic abstraction, and figure-ground relationships. 

“I hope the ambiguity in my artworks allows them to remain open-ended and inchoate, and as such, to speak to the fundamental human experience of not knowing or knowing incompletely when faced with complex phenomenon,” said Buntin. 

Other artists include Liliane Luneau, Paul O’Keeffe, and Douglas Sanderson

The Bostwick Design Art Initiative is located at 2731 Prospect Avenue in Cleveland. Gallery Hours are 11-6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays and by appointment. For more information, contact