More than 40 students participated in this year's Student Showcase for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity. On April 15, students presented their faculty-mentored research projects, scholarly efforts, and creative works across many different disciplines. The top three students earned Kent State Trumbull scholarship awards.

  • 1st Place & $1,000 scholarship award winner: Claudia Bennight for the presentation “Are pets our superheroes? Pets may help individuals adjust to traumatic events.” |  Mentor: Dr. Tomich 
  • 2nd Place & $750 scholarship award winner: Emilie Fritch for the presentation “Recreational Marijuana: The Chemistry Perspective” |  Mentor: Dr. Cubon-Bell
  • 3rd Place & $500 scholarship award winner: Imanpreet Kaur for the presentation “Love It or Leave It: Does Focusing on Career Goals Affect Students' Math Anxiety and Self-Esteem?” | Mentors: Dr. Tomich and Dr. He

"Thank you to everyone who participated," said Mary Russell, Honors Program Coordinator & associate professor. "It was an overwhelming success. We nearly tripled last year's participation."

Here is a list of all the participants, their faculty mentors, and their research title:

  • Sabrina Barnhart (Tomich) "Is It Possible to Increase Mindfulness in an Effort to Decrease Acceptance of Drug Use?"
  • Gabriel Beadle (Tomich) "Do Stressful Life Events Impact Analytical Thinking and Acceptance of Drug Use?"
  • Lily Beavers (DePaul) "Nursing Considerations: Improving Outcomes in Postpartum Depression"
  • Brooklyn Bennett (Bowles) "The Dissemination Project: A Website Designed to Spread Information about Women's Reproductive Rights"
  • Claudia Bennight (Tomich) "Are pets our superheroes? Pets may help individuals adjust to traumatic events"
  • Madison Bonekovic (DePaul) "Women’s Health in the Military"
  • Steven Brenkert (Tomich) "Is video game play harmful to physical and mental health?"
  • Jessica L Brumfield (Byrne) "Female Representation in the Superhero Genre"
  • Brianna Camp (Tomich) "Does Exercise between Classes Improve Memory Recall?"
  • Alyna Cascone (Cubon-Bell) "Dangers of Nicotine & Vaping on Teenagers"
  • Amanda Charlton (Tomich) "Are Mindfulness and Empathy Related to Individuals' Opinions of Deaf People?"
  • Leah Franks (Cubon-Bell) "The Opiate Antagonist"
  • Jamie Franks (Severino) "Got STDs?"
  • Emilie Fritch (Cubon-Bell) "Recreational Marijuana: The Chemistry Perspective"
  • Bre-onia Galbreath (Hacker) "Cambrian Explosion"
  • Alyssa K. Gelet (Tomich) "Does Brand of Smartphone Affect Perceived Quality of Photos?"
  • Taylor Hall (Tomich) "Does Using Color Help Student Recall of Numbers?"
  • Adam Halls (Cubon-Bell) "Medications Derived From Marijuana"
  • Jasmine Hickey and Destiny Jenkins (Colwell) "If It Tastes Good and Smells Good, Is It Really That Bad?: A Relationship Between Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Product Usage Among Young Adults"
  • Samantha Hurst (Bowles) "The Iconic Monster: The Cultural Importance of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein"
  • Anna “Katie” Kalkbrenner (Tomich) "Does Cellphone Addiction Affect Quality of Sleep and Overall Health?"
  • Imanpreet Kaur (Tomich) "Love It or Leave It: Does Focusing on Career Goals Affect Students' Math Anxiety and Self-Esteem?"
  • Melissa Kuneli (Severino) "Compassion Fatigue"
  • Marissa Lemasters (Tomich) "Does background music in a classroom setting reduce a student’s stress?"
  • Alexandra Lesner and Gabriella Stark (Cubon-Bell) "Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Addiction Treatment"
  • Nicholas Lilly (Tomich) "Does Power Posing Improve Self-Esteem"
  • Hayley Marshall (Cubon-Bell) "The Effects of Partying on the Brain"
  • Dylan Massacci (Cubon-Bell) "The Chemical Overview of Recreational Marijuana"
  • Brittany McCauley (Cubon-Bell) "How can Medical Marijuana benefit cancer patients?"
  • Raelyn O’Connell (Tomich) "Do Previous Traumas Affect Students' Perception of Safety, Violence, and Handguns on Campus?"
  • Chelsey Palmer (Dwinnells) "Growing Cause for Concern"
  • Miranda Reel (Tomich) "Attitudes Toward Substance Use: Do Personality Traits Matter?"
  • Gabriella Shreves (Cubon-Bell) "Protein Structure and Function"
  • Sara Taylor (Cubon-Bell) "The Chemical Effects of Synthetic Marijuana"
  • Michael Thurston (Cubon-Bell) "PLEASE DON'T SPIT HERE"
  • Alexandra Tolich (Tomich) "Strive for Balance: Deviation from Balance Mediates the Relationship between Lifetime Trauma Exposure and Self Esteem"
  • Melissa Whiddon (Licuanan-Galela) "Eliminating Racial Disparities"
  • Madalyn Williams (Tomich) "The Impact of Teaching Style on Student Recall"
  • Karly Wireman (Kildow) "Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Focus on What We Depend"
  • Karly Wireman (Tomich) "Do the Aesthetic Properties of a Room Enhance Creativity?"
  • Athena Zerefos (Cubon-Bell) "Dangers of Smoking Tobacco"




POSTED: Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 11:07am
UPDATED: Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 3:51pm