Local Author and Former Kent State University at Trumbull Student Making Science Fiction Fans Take Notice

Former Student Living His Dreams

Local Author Making Science Fiction Fans Take Notice

Evan Graham, local author and alumni of Kent State University at Trumbull (2014), plans to publish his first novel in spring/summer 2017. He is currently running a campaign for his book, Tantalus Depths, on Inkshares.com, where he has earned more than 600 pre-orders and needs just under 150 pre-orders to begin the publishing process. Graham is hoping to surpass that threshold by the Aug. 16 deadline.

“I have received great support,” Graham said. “Of course friends and family have been great. Other writers have been a big help, too. I was recently endorsed by two writing syndicates: one for great Sci-Fi and another for strong female characters.” The protagonist in Graham’s novel is named Mary Ketch, a pilot chosen for a deep space survey mission to Tantalus 13.

Tantalus Depths

According to Inkshares.com, “’Tantalus Depths’ is a science fiction thriller inspired by the likes of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ ‘The Forbidden Planet,’ and ‘Alien,’ with a pinch of Lovecraft for taste. It blends hard science fiction with horror of both the psychological and cosmic variety in an action-thriller shell. There is something for every sci-fi fan in the pages of Tantalus Depths. The darkest secrets of the universe are begging to be learned...”

Graham’s novel began years ago as a writing assignment

“It was a short story for Dr. Noelle Bowles creative writing class,” Graham said. “When I took another one of her classes, I decided to continue the story.” He credits Dr. Bowles for continuing to encourage him to complete the novel and seek publication. 

Graham grew up in Champion, Ohio, so when it came time to choose a college, Kent State University at Trumbull was an easy choice. “The school is close, the tuition is affordable, it has a tremendous theatre program, and it is part of the Kent State system.”

Along with his writing courses, Graham credits theatre for giving him special insight into character development. “When you are acting, you are getting inside of the character. You have to think like that character. It is that sort of out-of-body experience that drives creativity and fiction.”

Graham holds a Bachelor of Education degree with minor degrees in Writing, English and Theatre.

What’s Next?

Graham is already planning two sequels for Tantalus Depths and a few other interconnected novels that will cover other characters and galaxies during the same time period. He also intends to write a manuscript for an upcoming feature film contest.

“I focus on writing things that matter,” Graham said. “I take pride in my research, so I not only want to entertain, I want to educate.”

When he isn’t writing, he is focused on acting and theatre. He recently finished a role in Twelfth Night and this weekend will participate in Cleveland’s 48 Hour Film Project.

To read more about “Tantalus Depths” or to reserve a digital or hard copy, visit www.inkshares.com/books/tantalus-depths.










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