Rally for the Valley Cup FAQs

Tournament Organization

Who is running the event?
The event was conceived by Kent State Trumbull Esports Team under faculty leadership. Team members, with the support of Kent State Trumbull personnel, are donating their time and effort to organize the event.

What are the start and check-in times for the tournament?
This is subject to change between now and when registration closes, but the tentative schedule is:
Check-in begins at 9 am
First games start at 10 am
Estimated finals times are between 6-9 pm

Will food and beverages be available at the tournament?
We will be selling food, snacks, and drinks in the VIP lounge. 

What I can do during my downtime when I am not playing?
Watch other players, hang out in the VIP lounge, enjoy some of the other game rooms, just don’t go too far if you have an upcoming game. Late players forfeit the game.

Registration and Eligibility

What is the cost for registration?
Cost for registration is $5 per player per tournament game. All revenue from the event will be used to offset costs incurred in the event itself with proceeds benefiting the Kent State Trumbull Esports Club. 

How many teams can we bring? Are teams required to come from the same high school? Are we allowed to only have one team per game?
Teams require a majority of players to represent a single school from the district. A school may enter more than one team to any event.

Can you register individual players, or can you register only a team?
Players are required to register individually with parental/legal guardian permission. Players registering for Overwatch will be asked for the names of teammates. 

I am a homeschooled high school student, may I form or join a team?
Homeschooled students may join a team for a traditional high school or form their own homeschool team, as long as all participants are high school aged

Can teams join in the tournament remotely?
No. All participants agree upon registration to be at the tournament in person.

Are middle school students allowed to participate, or join a high school team?
All participants must be enrolled in a high school or be homeschooled and high school aged.


Do we need to bring our own consoles, controllers, PCs, mice, and keyboards?
No, everything is provided. However, players are allowed to bring their own peripherals (controller, headset, mouse..), if they like.You can plug a console controller into the PC. Our PC’s have standard drivers installed, but it is possible (but unlikely) that your remote requires a driver we do not have installed. No new drivers will be installed at the tournament, so you would be required to play on provided equipment in that situation. You will want to arrive early for your game time if you bring peripherals.
Games will start on time –or be forfeited.

Prizes and Swag

What are the prizes for the game?
Players will compete for the Valley Cup in each game division. Other awards, such as trophies, will be distributed as well. Other prizes will be awarded throughout the day. There will be recognition of champions and championship teams mentioned on the Kent State Trumbull website and social media and promoted through local media. Other prizes may be added as the event nears.


Kent State Trumbull Esports Club admins may determine the action to take in the case of an unforeseen event such as machine malfunction, disconnect, etc. In case there is a dispute, the game coordinator has the last say.

What is the tournament elimination criteria for each game (double or single elimination)?
Double elimination.

Who’s in charge of coordinating brackets and resolving disputes if they arise? 
Each category of the event will have their own team of Esports team volunteers to manage matches, and keep schedules. Teams will also have leaders to take care of disputes if they arise. If those disputes cannot be resolved, they will be taken to the event Commissioner who has final decision-making authority. The Commissioner for this event is Mike Pozega, Head Coach, Kent State Trumbull Esports.

Can players use their personal accounts for the games to play?
Yes, you can use your own accounts. However, we can provide campus accounts for Overwatch players. 

What if a teammate cannot make the match? Can we bring a substitute?
Yes, substitutes are only allowed in the event that a registered player cannot make the game due to extenuating circumstances like illness, emergencies, etc. Substitutes need to have a parent permission form signed before playing. The registration fee will be waived. Advisors will be sent parent permission forms in advance, so potential subs can come prepared.
Not allowed: Substitutes who are used for the purpose of replacing teammates in order to gain a strategic advantage. For example, if a team is comprised of players A, B, and C with substitute D. Player D cannot replace players A, B, or C after the first match in order to change up the play and confuse or misdirect the opposing team.

Does bringing your own peripherals include monitors if the ones provided aren't optimal in addition to the implied mouse + keyboard?
No, monitors are not allowed to be brought in by participants.

Will the tournament be played on a completely wired setup with a very low ping or will it be hosted on normal west coast Blizzard servers?
The tournament will be a LAN setup.


Why is Overwatch played as 3v3 when traditionally it is played as 6v6?
For this tournament, Overwatch teams will be 3v3 to encourage more teams and more matches within the time frame of the tournament.

There are multiple 3 vs. 3 game modes in Overwatch, which one should I prepare for?
We will be playing Control game mode.

Will games be best of three, best of five, or one map only?
As is standard for control point maps the game mode will be best of three.

Will normal games be a different than the finals or semifinals?
No, all games of Overwatch will be best of three.

Smash Bros Ultimate

For Smash Bros, have you considered crews in addition to a standard/doubles event?
Smash Bros Ultimate will be limited to single-player matches.

Will Smash Bros be played as a team event or as a single player event?
Single player.

Which type of Smash Bros will be played?
Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch with multiple controller types available.

POSTED: Friday, February 22, 2019 - 11:15am
UPDATED: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 12:10pm