Student rescues dying goose

By Nicholas Lilly, Kent State Trumbull 
On Sept. 16, Kent State Trumbull student Anthony Rossi was fishing in Lake Anne, which is located directly behind Kent State Trumbull campus. When he saw what appeared to be an injured goose, he sprang into action. 

“The goose’s body was on the shore but its head was in the water. After pulling him from the lake, I gave him CPR and he coughed up a lot of water,” said Rossi. 

He then called Birds in Flight Sanctuary who took the bird into their care. 

“He could have ingested a chemical or toxin, anything really,” said Heather Merritt, founder of the sanctuary.

Birds in Flight Sanctuary has expanded to caring for many types of injured animals and encourages people in the Trumbull County area to call them if they see an animal in need. Merritt began the sanctuary after discovering an injured Great Horned Owl. “If I didn’t help this animal it was going to die. There was no other option.” From that moment, Merritt began pursuing a license to rehabilitate wildlife. Now she specializes in raptors or birds of prey. However, she rescues and rehabs all wild animals, from the tiniest hummingbird fallen from its nest to a bald eagle poisoned by a poacher’s lead shot. At any given time, she may be working with more than seventy birds, providing food and medical treatment.

“If you see an injured animal you should help it. It’s the right thing to do,” said Rossi. Late last week, Rossi heard the great news. According to Merritt, the goose is still at the sanctuary, is doing well, and is making a full recovery.

Last year, Kent State Trumbull Veterinary Technology students raised close to $900 for the sanctuary. 

Birds in Flight Sanctuary is located at 8655 Warwick SE in Warren. If you would like to report an injured bird or contribute, volunteer, or adopt, call 330-652-3381 or visit 

POSTED: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 3:46pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 3:48pm