The following list includes style conventions used when writing about Kent State University and not covered in The Associated Press Stylebook.

academic degrees — for a complete listing, see Programs A-Z in the University Catalog. See AP Stylebook for proper punctuation and capitalization questions. Capitalize the formal name of a degree conferred: The department offers a Master of Science. Lowercase and use an apostrophe when referring to a generic degree: bachelor’s degree, a master’s, an associate degree (note: no possessive for an associate degree), etc.

academic term — see semester.

acronym — University style follows the Associated Press Stylebook and avoids the use of acronyms. However, after a complete reference on a webpage, acronyms may be used where space is a factor – headlines and links. Check the stylebook for familiar and acceptable acronyms such as FBI or SAT.

address — in accordance with U.S. postal guidelines and our nonprofit mailing status, the bottom five lines are critical in the official address of the university; see also mail. Open and refer to the brand style guide for the proper way to incorporate the logo and format return address copy.

Sample of mailing address for mail to be received via United States Postal Service

P.O. BOX 5190
KENT OH 44242-0001

Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute — use this form, which is the institute's name effective fall 2018. Formerly called the Liquid Crystal Institute®, it was founded in 1965 by Glenn H. Brown, a chemistry professor at Kent State University. The birthplace of liquid crystal displays, the institute is the world’s first research center focused on the basic and applied science of liquid crystals. 

advisor — use the -or ending, not -er.

affirmative action statement — see equal opportunity statement.

a la carte dining room — use Second Floor Dining Room or Second Floor Lounge (if used for cocktails and receptions, with dining in the Ballroom). 

alumni — feminine and masculine forms are listed in the AP Stylebook. Kent State does not use the forms alum or alums. If the individual received a degree, you may refer to them as a graduate. Graduate also may be used as a gender-neutral option for those who have received a degree. Anyone who attends the university is considered an alumnus or alumna but only those who earned a degree can be referred to as a graduate

When writing about an alumnus, follow AP Stylebook with a focus on the degree name. It is preferable to avoid abbreviations, instead spell out names of degree (or degrees) and year (or years) of graduation. Include the type of degree earned and year of graduation in the copy. Contact Bethany-Marie Sava at bsava@kent.edu and URD Data Entry at dataentry@kent.edu to verify information concerning alumni. Style examples for alumni follow.

Kent State University alumna Jane Doe received a bachelor’s degree in 1987.

John Doe is a recent graduate of Kent State University, who earned a Master of Arts in Economics in 2017.

Alumni Association — see Kent State University Alumni Association.

ampersand see and.

and — University style follows the Associated Press Stylebook and uses and, not an ampersand, in print communications unless an ampersand is part of the proper name of a nonuniversity entity. When writing for web communications, use and in the text comprising the body of a website page. However, ampersands are permitted as part of the Kent State University website’s navigation or a design element used as part of a website’s navigation if using and interferes with spacing or the overall design of the website.

A Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State – use this form on first reference; lowercase strategic roadmap, without Italics on shortened and subsequent references.

AT&T Classroom — before SBC and AT&T merged, this was formerly known as Ameritech Classroom; use AT&T Classroom. 

athletics — see intercollegiate athletics.

baseball facility — see Schoonover Stadium.

bibliographical citations — publications containing faculty and staff achievements from various academic disciplines should be styled according to A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations, available at the Kent State University Bookstore. Departmental newsletters should follow the style manual of their respective disciplines.

bioFLEX — use this form.

Blastoff — use this form.

Blue and Gold Club — see Golden Flashes Club.

Board of Trustees — use Kent State University Board of Trustees on first reference; Board or Trustees for subsequent references. Include the year of graduation for Board members who are alumni (e.g., Jane Doe, ’83).  

bookstore — see under Kent State University Bookstore.

buildings — see under names of.

Business College  use Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship; second reference: Ambassador Crawford College.