The following list includes style conventions used when writing about Kent State University and not covered in The Associated Press Stylebook.

offices — see under names of.

OhioLINK — use this form.

One Stop for Student Services (do not use) – see Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center.

One University Commission — use this form.

Outstanding Teaching Award — use this form for the yearly teaching awards conferred by the University Teaching Council.

P-card — use this form for purchasing card.

page numbers — follow AP.

The information is on Page 21.

The index appears on Pages 395-399.

Check the index (Page 395) for all listings.

Pan-African — hyphenate.

Parents Day — obsolete; use Family Day.

Paris American Academy —  use this form.

percent, percentage, percentage points — use the % sign when paired with a number, with no space, in most cases.

Enrollment increased 5%.

Average hourly pay rose 3.1% from a year ago.

Performing Arts Center — use this form for the facility at Kent State Tuscarawas.   

plaza — Risman Plaza on first reference; plaza for subsequent reference. Use William B. and Marion C. Risman Plaza only when the context requires a historical explanation of the name.

president — use this form.

Kent State University President Todd Diacon greeted the students. President Diacon is Kent State’s 13th president. President Diacon greeted the Kent State freshman students.

President’s List — always capitalize and use the apostrophe.

Presidents Cabinet — always capitalize; do not use an apostrophe.

Preview KSU — use this form.

program — see under names of.

Purchasing card — see P-card.

RCET — see Research Center for Educational Technology.

Regional Campuses —see under names of, campuses.

Rec Center — see Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

requirements — write out in full and capitalize the names of university requirements and subcategories.

Basic Sciences
Humanities and Fine Arts
Kent Core
Mathematics, Logic and Foreign Languages
Social Sciences
the Transfer Module
the Writing-Intensive Course Requirement

Research Center for Educational Technology — use this form for first reference; center for subsequent references.

Residence Hall Move-in — use this form.

Responsibility Center Management — use this form for first reference; RCM for subsequent references.

résumé — use the diacritical marks.

Rising Scholars Program — use this form; formerly called the Rural Scholars Program.

Roadmap — use this form for references to the university’s Graduation Planning System.

Rock — capitalize when referring to the landmark on Front Campus.

Rockin’ in the Plaza — use this form.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  use this form on first reference; Rock Hall is acceptable for subsequent references. The formal name Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is no longer used in marketing communications.

Roe Green Center — see Green Center.

RSVP — follow AP style in all instances.

Rural Scholars Program – see Rising Scholars Program.

SBC Classroom — obsolete; see AT&T Classroom.

School of Fashion — use this form on first reference. The Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising is the formal name.

Schoonover Stadium — use this form for the name of the varsity baseball facility.

Science Mall — use this form when referring to the area of campus that includes the Aeronautics and Technology Building, Cunningham Hall, Henderson Hall, Liquid Crystal and Materials Sciences Building, Mathematics and Computer Science Building, Science and Research Building, Smith Hall and Williams Hall.

Sculpture Walk — see Kent State University Sculpture Walk.

See You @ College — use this form.

semester — capitalize only when referring to an official term; 2012 Fall Semester; Spring Semester 2018. However, lowercase fall semester or fall 2012. Also, use the forms Summer Session I, II and III; and Winter Intersession and Spring Intersession. However, lowercase summer session and intersession.

spring break — use this form.

Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State — see A Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State.

student-athlete — hyphenate.

Student Center — see Kent Student Center.

Student Green — use this form.

Student Recreation and Wellness Center — see Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

study abroad — education abroad is the preferred term; hyphenate before a noun (e.g., education-abroad program).

superscript — do not use superscript with ordinal numbers.

  • The university celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010.
  • She taught ninth and 10th grades.  

teams — use these forms: men’s Golden Flashes football team; women’s Golden Flashes baseball team; the team.

Technology Transfer and Economic Development, Office of — formerly Technology Transfer.

TechStyle LAB — use this form.

theatre — university style uses the -re ending unless the -er ending is part of an official name.

The Davey Tree Expert Company — use this form.

Theodore Roosevelt High School — use this form.

trademark — include the following statement at the end of your university communications, such as publications, webpages and PowerPoint presentations:
Kent State, Kent State University and KSU are registered trademarks and may not be used without permission.

treatment of titles – University Style follows the composition titles entry in the AP Stylebook.

Capitalize titles of conferences, courses, workshops and special events. See capitalizations of titles. 

trustees — see Board of Trustees.

20-Year Club — use this form.

UCommute — use this form.

university — use Kent State University on first reference; use Kent State, or the university for subsequent references.

University Library — use this form for the name of the building, library on subsequent references; not Main Library.

University Libraries — use this form for the name of the department.

upperclass, upperclassmen — see upper-division, upper-division students.

upper-division, upper-division students — use this form.

uselect — use this form when referring to the link to the Transferology™ website. 

username — one word.

userID — see Kent State ID.

Uumbaji Gallery — no diacritical marks.

Varsity “K” — use quotation marks around K.

Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center — write out in full for the first reference; center for subsequent references; use Beverly J. Warren Student Recreation and Wellness Center only if the context requires a historical explanation of the name. Do not use Rec. 

Welcome Weekend — See KSU Kickoff.

Williamson House — use Williamson House on all references; previously known as Williamson Alumni Center. The building was formerly Curtiss House, home to Kent State presidents until 1988.

WKSU — use this form.

Zoeller Field — formerly the soccer field.