The following list includes style conventions used when writing about Kent State University and not covered in The Associated Press Stylebook.

education abroad – use this term; hyphenate when used as an adjective, see study abroad.

eight-campus system — use this phrase to help convey a sense of inclusion or to communicate certain benefits to the audience; use only when statements or references apply to all eight Kent State campuses or the concept of one university with many access points.

e-Flash — use this form for the Kent State University Alumni Association e-newsletter.

email – see Kent State email.

emeriti — Consult the online telephone directory for emeriti listings. As an honorary title, it is capitalized when it precedes or follows a name.

Professor Emeritus of Physics Stanley H. Christensen presented the Glenn W. Frank Lecture.

Stanley H. Christensen, Professor Emeritus of Physics, presented the Glenn W. Frank Lecture.

Professor Emerita of Psychology Jeanette Reuter attended the event.

Jeanette Reuter, Professor Emerita of Psychology, attended the event.

President Emeritus Lester A. Lefton addressed the gathering.

Lester A. Lefton, President Emeritus, addressed the gathering.

But see:  

Norman R. Bernier and Sonya L. Blixt, professors Emeriti of Educational Foundations and Special Services, co-chaired the committee.

Equal Opportunity Statement — Recruitment communications for faculty, staff and students should carry the following statement.

Kent State University is committed to attaining excellence through the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body and workforce.

esplanade — see Lefton Esplanade.

Excellence in Action — the use of this tagline has been discontinued.

faculty title (degree held, year joined Kent State) – Consult the online University Catalog at https://catalog.kent.edu/faculty-administrators/faculty/ for academic title and other relevant information for all full-time, Kent State faculty members.

Family Day – Use this form; replaces Parents Day.

fashion museum — see Kent State University Museum.

Fashion School — see School of Fashion.

field hockey field — see Murphy-Mellis Field.

Field House — two words.

Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center — use this form.

Financial Engineering Trading Floor — use this form.

First-Year Experience — use Flashes 101, which is the new name of the new student orientation course as of fall 2023.

fiscal year — use Fiscal Year 2017 for specific reference; use fiscal year for generic references.

Flash ALERTS — use this form.

Flash-A-Thon – use this form. 

Flash Books – use this form.

FLASHcard — use this form; refers to both the card and the office.

You may pick up your FLASHcard at the FLASHcard Office in Eastway Center.

FlashCart — use this form.

FLASHcash — use this form.

FlashChats — use this form.

Flash Connections – use this form.

Flashes 101 – use this form; formerly known as the First-Year Experience course.

Flashes Take Care of Flashes – use this form in bold font.

FlashFAST — formerly Web For Students.

FlashFest — use this form.

Flashguides — use this form for the Destination Kent State student guides.

FlashLine — use this form.

FLASHperks – use this form.

FLASHPoint — formerly the First-year Colloquium course.

FlashPort — use this form.

FlashQ – use this form for the online queuing service.

FlashTrain — use this form.

FlashZone — use this form.  

FlexMatters — use this form.

Florence campus — see Kent State Florence. 

Foundation — use Kent State University Foundation; foundation for subsequent references.

Founders Scholars Program — no apostrophe.